Why do spray tans look so rubbish on me?


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Aug 7, 2010
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Hi everyone

I offer sienna x spray tanning and all my clients are soo impressed but everytime i have one it looks awful!! I have loads of repeat clients too.

Im dark haired and pale ish skin. I tan ok in the summer and dont burn too easily but Im not that brown either.

I've tried an 8% - could hardly see it. I've had a 10% 3 times now and to be quite honest I can't wait to get it off, it just looks awful on me. not particularly that tanned really more orange and fake. It also looks so patchy. I do all the prep so I just don't know why it looks so awful..

I know its not my solution as i tanned my friend last night with the same solution and she looks great today!

Should i try some other brands or just chalk it down to the fact that it fake tan doesnt agree with me?

It would be so nice to show my clients how nice it can look but I don't feel i could spray anyone looking like this - they'd probably be thinking they didnt want to look like me lol :eek:

Caroline xx
Can I ask who is spraying/applying the tan?

If it is someone else then are they trained or have you just shown someone how to do it?

Or do you do it yourself?
I use two solution both from wow factor (tandare and organic's) in a range of % and i always look at my clients and think wow.....
but like you, whenever i have a spray tan even in the same soutions that i spray my clients with i look in the mirror and cringe.......???? i either look orange or as white as i did before the spray tan. I did try fake bake but really did go bright orange so just give up....but i'm sure they will be a solution out there for you.....maybe i could post you out samples of my solutions to try on yourself ?????
I must admit, I didn't like the solution I am using on myself, but everyone I have sprayed absolutely LOVE it - and can't get enough!!!

Strange, though as I want to be honest, but don't want to put them off either x
I think the main problem I have is that it knocks my confidence, I would be gutted if I paid £20 for a tan and ended up looking like this. I know I'm not being over critical as someone even asked me today if I had a different tan on to my friend - she looks amazing.

All of my tans have been done by different people and even another sienna x girl. Infact the one that was done professionally was actually the worst as she caked me in it.

I think I have had the organics ones as I have had some samples from wow factor. I just never use them on myself when Im testing things. I've got a hen do next weekend and would love to show off a lovely natural glow instead of feeling like an orange!

Thank you for all your replies

caroline xx
All of my tans have been done by different people and even another sienna x girl. Infact the one that was done professionally was actually the worst as she caked me in it.

If you felt caked in spray tan that is not good and I am not surprised you felt orange and it went patchy.

If you have too much product on you will just go patchy and the colour will not look even.

It takes time to find someone that you like and does a good job of a spray tan, just persevere.

The organics range is fab I was trained using Fake Bake but I never particularly liked it, I still stock it as the young girls go mad for it but I find the organics only needs a light mist and you end up with a lovely natural colour.

On the plus side of all this, at least you can see your clients are getting a fab tan from you :green:

Maybe try a manual application tan for now?

Hope this helps
I'd defo get some samples in and see what suits you, you can always try it on the friend that your current soloution looks good on and if it works switch brands or carry two? I think being a tan technician its a good advert for business to be tanned but not orange so I understand you not wanting to use what is looking great on others but not on you.
I always do the samples on my self as I am a pale face :) kinda white but not the see thru type lol tan well but takes a while and go a bit pink first, but orange/red based tans make me tango'd I dont like lol So I figure if it looks good on me it will on fellow pale faces, and clients with darker skin :)
I use xen tan which is a lovely colour but not quite dark enough so am trying adding booster drops and also trialling some new tans, just tried the suntana 12% not bad but not as good as my xen tan.
But its courses for horses get some samples n get tanning :), I apply manually with a mit as I dont trust anyone to spray me, very particular lol hth xx
I have to be honest i hated sienna x it was to orangy make up looking for me but a few people i sprayed did like it ? suppose its personal preferance < i love xen tan and think you just cant beat it for a natural colour X

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