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Aug 17, 2019
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I trained in nails (acrylic/gels/fibreglass & manicure) 9 years ago now. Sadly shortly after I qualified I just didn't have the confidence to continue and it's a massive regret of mine. At the time I also had a full time job in finance, I had planned to eventually leave and set up my business but I guess in the end due to my confidence and the fact that I still had an income it was easy to just "drop it"

I spent a fair penny to then just either sell it or let it rot in my garage for years [emoji29]

Fast forward and my soul being destroyed by the finance sector, 2 children later (1 being just 10 weeks old) and being made redundant its time to grow a pair and do what ive always wanted to do!

Im so scared that I wont ever be good enough! But if I am then I really think I will bloody love it, and even look forward to my days ahead. I often say "If i could have my time again i would be 100% in the beauty industry". I really want this now but the thought of being let loose on a stranger and them not being happy makes me feel sick!

Im going to retrain with CND, going back to basics. Im starting with the shellac course and then after L+P. Im just waiting for dates from my nearest CND academy.

A few questions

1) Am I too old, I'm 37? Im conscious of the young and fresh ladies and all of the competition that there is out there!

2) Do you need to be a naturally artistic person or do you think that practise really becomes perfect? I often see some nails and think Jeez I cant do that lol

3) Is there such a thing as the best acrylic brush out there or is it just personel preference? If there is then I want it, no expense spared.

4) would you start building up a collection of shellac etc now or wait until ive got a decent customer base? Im worried about shelf life but equally just want all of my goodies now! Bearing in mind im still on maternity leave so maybe 6 or so months yet until I really put myself out there in full force, but will start out with friends/family and extend from that.

If anyone got this far then thanks for reading! Xxx
I’m 36 and just started, haven’t even crossed my mind I might be too old haha!
Just go for it, if it’s something you really enjoy doing then do it! I guess it’s impossible to say whether you’re gonna be “good enough” or not, but I’m sure your passion will help you through! If not, you can always have it as a fun hobby or sidejob until you feel confident enough to take a bigger leap ☺️
About building up a collection of colours, I did that and then realised I didn’t like the system I was trained in ooops... Trying to sell it off now, so I would advice anyone who’s as impulsive as me to be a bit careful with big investments in the beginning. A few basic colours and a little bit of fun nail art stuff can take you pretty far ☺️
Good luck and enjoy your training! :D
Well, I’m 49 and am about to book in for my final assessment within the next couple of weeks. If you’re too old, then I’m a dinosaur

Just go for it. I only have “models” at the moment so I don’t charge yet - I guess I feel a bit of a fraud whilst I’m not qualified. I see issues in every single set I send out of my door but I just try and remember what I’m not happy with and address it on the next set I do. It’s just little improvements on each set. Baby steps.

Yes, I’m terrified every time a client comes through my door but I just force myself to do it and once I get going, I’m usually concentrating on my service and the nerves go. But I’m always relieved when it’s over at the moment .

I don’t think there is a best acrylic brush, or brand, or anything. I think it’s all personal preference and once you get more confident you can use most tools equally well. Sure, some will be of better quality than others but if I bought everything that I heard was a ‘game changer’, I’d be broke by now.

Pinterest and instagram are a great source of inspiration - you can always semi copy designs and tweak them to make them your own whilst you’re learning.

Good luck - keep going and I’m sure you’ll be fabulous xx
I am 40 and just returning to the industry after a long break.
I always wanted to work for myself but never dared to do it, now after turning 40 I just think what's the worst that can happen???

Regarding unsatisfied customers, it happens but it's how you resolve the issue that matters. I had a few blips in the past but was always sincere and did my best to get the results my customers wanted.

Some clients move on but if you build up a rapport and are friendly you will make some good regulars x
You sound just like me! I started doing nails/beauty when I was 17. I did this for 2 years- loved it! I then fell pregnant at 19. Was in a crap relationship and my daughter having health problems I tried to get back into it but physically wasn’t possible. I then took the plunge when I was 24 after having 7 years off. I retrained in everything again- took almost 5 years! But it was the biggest challenge I faced and I’m glad I did it! I’m still learning but I work in a salon and have done for nearly a year- best choice I’ve made!
In answer to your questions just do it!
You are NEVER too old to learn something new! I’m old compared to the other beauty therapists (I’m 28 they’re fresh out of college)
I think you need imagination, basic skills can get you far! Just practice and have a go at what you like and what you can do, you can always turn it into something fancy.
Have a try with brushes and see what you can work with- everyone is different! I would get a few basic “popular” colours to start with, that can you far.
Good luck!! If you’ve wanted it for so long like I did you won’t regret it! X
I totally agree with all the advice above. I had spinal surgery 2 years ago(at the age of 38) and during my recovery started thinking what i could do as a hobby which won't affect by back too much. I never thought of myself working in the beauty industry. After careful consideration, I did a manicure and pedicure course, and I became hooked. I haven't stopped training as i feel there is so much to learn out there. I'm now 40yrs old and still nervous about the work I do, but I feel we will always analyse our workmanship. Don't look back, your age is irrelevant. If you love what you do, you will get better all the time. I have definitely done some crappy work,but have improved and still improving. Good luck!
Your story is very much like my own. I started doing nails as really enjoyed it but just on myself and a few friends. I then decided to take the plunge and go for it. I spent an absolute fortune on products, room at home etc. My problem was that I massively lacked confidence and didn’t really have enough people to gain my experience with. Looking back now I needed really to work in a salon to gain experience. My confidence suffered as a result of that. I would still like to do nails again but I’m scared. I look at nail art and think I’d never be able to do that. I often think about re-training but I guess I don’t have the confidence to do it. I’m 49 and I often think it’s too late for me. Good luck xxx
No!!! It's never too late. I still lack plenty confidence. But if you really enjoy doing it, you will improve. I think we doubt ourselves too much!!

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