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Oct 12, 2003
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I travelled from Warrington to Leeds to see Gigi doing the demo on Fabric and really learned a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed it - could even enjoy the drinks because I took a taxi !! Lovely!! Thanks Gigi!!:D

The evening turned sour though when I realised that my copy of September's Professional Nails were taken from under my bag. When I phoned for a taxi, I realised it was not in my bag. I was looking for the address of the venue on a printed map that I put in the magazine. :shock: Then I remembered that I have seen two young girls standing browsing through a Professional Nails magazine not realising it was actually mine. I went back to look if it was not place back after being used but it was not there. :x

:idea: Girls, you know how you are! Enjoy the magazine and please use it to subscribe so you can have your own!!! It only cost £19-50 for a year if you subscribe now!!!
Yes i agree, get ya own copies you thiefs! I get it here all the time, my students look at my copies and hey presto.... "GONE!" :x :x Im sure if you call Pro Nails, they will send you another copy. If not, let me know and i will send you one of my extra copies from here. From Rachel xx
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