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Nov 14, 2007
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hi girls , i've just trained with creative on 6 day foundation course ,brisa gel and acrylic , can any1 advise if i can start in a salon straight away , even if i start working for free to train on girls half price or do salons allow this kind of thing as i do not want to go mobile till my speed is up and i've done at least 40 sets of nails , again thanks for all ur great advice ....dee in dublin :lol:
well you have a qualification now, you need public liability insurance,
some salons will take people on that have just qualified, that is up to the individual salon,
if you are offering to work for free i would only offer for part time this way you still have time to do your friends and family nails and make some money,
good luck with finding some where hun, you need to ring around all the salons or write to them or if you are really brave go in person and offer your time, if you go in person make sure your nails look fab

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