Working as a beautician abroad

Has anyone worked abroad as a beautician?

Can anyone tell me if they have worked abroard as a beautician been thinking of dong it for a while now but not sure how 2 go about really. I supose there are loads of opportunities but where do i go from here? has anyone got a few websites that wud be useful? xx:idea:


Positivity rules!
It would depend on where you want to relocate to as to the opportunities available and the different criteria you would need to adhere to.

Have you decided on somewhere you'd like to go to yet?


hi ya, ive worked in a relaxis and chateaux (rather posh chain) its was a golf/ tennis and spa resort in ontario canada, it was in the middle of no where which was hard it was great to be back with a simple way of life. i saved **** loads of money and gained some fab friends and experience.

it was really hard work though i worked 6 days a wk 10 till 7, you get really tired and its stressful. as they are really hot on running on time, because of room allication.

i also lived in cyprus for 2 years with my husband (army, soldier)
i worked for someone at first the money was crap but i would have gone mad with out a job.
then i rented my own space which was so much better, i really enjoyed this and had so much fun.

as for websites ill have a look and get back to you, havent needed them in a while. is one.

are you wanting to do cruise ships or spas? xx

not really sure where i wud like 2 work i dont really mind.which areas provide the best opportunities? the spa sounds lovely but at sum stage would definetly like to rent my own space again.