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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Im new to this site and recently placed the message 'Setting up'.

I am currently just setting up to work as a self employed mobile technician. I was starting to look around for a part time office job to fund me whilst setting up my 'Nails business' I am currently working full time in an office but want to free up 2 days per week for my own business. I would be interested in looking at working in a Nail Salon 3/4 days per week. Can anyone give any advice on the hourly rates Nail Bars/Salons pay? Apart from ringing around local nail salons is there any websites where these vacancies are advertised??

Any advice much appreciated.
Hi Steph, the only web sites I have heard of for nail bars etc, are and Unfortunately they dont seem to change their ads too often and they never seem very local anyway. :rolleyes:
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