Would like some advice for a friend with v thin/weak nails


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Aug 5, 2004
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East Sussex
A friend who knows I want to do nails came round last night for drinks and happed to ask for a manicure. I followed the steps from my K-Sa-Ra Nail Art books (cheers guys ;) ), but I was really suprised at how thin and weak her nails were. Her free edge is totally transparent (I mean, I know often mine goes see-through at the edges, but still) and so very thin. I was filing as gently as possibly using a really soft board, but her nails were actually bending - she says that they often split when she files and she could bend them virtually in half.
She's a vegetarian and she wondered if that would be why, although she eats a lot of fish and soya, and also works in a garden centre so gets her hands soily a lot.
What nail products or even vitamin supplements (although I'm generally of an opinon that these are a bit of a con..) could I recommend to her? I'm sure her nails used to be much stronger than this, when we were younger she did nail art on them all the time, but now she never polishes then as she says the polish just peels off.
Any tips, guys? Cheers.
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Jun 18, 2003
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cambridge,ON canada .. but originally from uk , lo
hi doesnt nailtiques do treatments for weak , peeling nails, i am sure i have seen it in one of the mags , i will search through and see if i can find anything and let you know , :)

Feb 20, 2004
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Jersey Channel Islands
Nailtiques is the answer to this one. It is such a good product and really pulls even the softest of nails back to good health in aprox 4 - 6 weeks. I wouldn't recomend water manicures with this person as that only makes nails softer before the filing stage. I stock Nailtiques in my salon and find it just flys off the shelf. The reason for this is because it actually puts right whats wrong with the nail - in her case lack of protein to give strength and flexability. I'm on programme myself and my nails are finally ones to be proud of.

Graftons are who distribute it - 08451 301 511 - www.graftons.co.uk

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Jan 12, 2003
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As a nail technician, you cannot know what has caused your frineds nails to go from one state of health to another. It could be her general health, It could be her diet (although a good vegitarian diet does not lack in sources of protein).

It is really not part of a nail technicain's job to diagnose complaints. If your firend's state of health is worrying her, then the advice above is correct ... she should get a health check - the condition of a person's nails are a mirror of general health unless thin nails run genetically in her family.

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