Wrapped Nails?


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May 14, 2004
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Sunny Scotland
Hi All
Wrapped nails have just come up on a thread. Can anyone enlighten me as to what they are and how they are applied.
Just curious.
Silk or fibreglass strips are applied to the natural nail or a tipped nail then these are brushed with a resin which you activate to harden then build the nail apex with thicker resins.. thats the basics of it...

You can use either white tips or more than white acrllic paint to acheive the perm french manicure look...hth
in fact wrapping nails was the first type method used to protect or repair nails, many moons ago it was beleived to have been done with tissue paper, which was not very robust....

Wraps are excellent way of repairing the natural nail - for example I had split right by my free edge and I used the resin to bond the tear then wrapped the nail and its still intact and strong 3 weeks on...
thanks for that

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