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Nov 24, 2009
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Hey geeks!! Just been reading the new catalogue by Guild (News) which has an area on it about xmas, couple of good ideas if any of you have it, it states that as of the 1st Octobter we should be advertising xmas gift vouchers on the salon windows and at the reception. Was just wondering what you all thought of this and what your ideas were for xmas 2010?

Thanks geeks (this is my first xmas in my own salon so any ideas would be greatly appreciated)
think about some interesting christmas packages, treatments with a christmas twist or theme.

I send out a newsletter with suggestions, I offer unusual combination treatmtents that run throughout Dec/Jan.
thanks, im tryin 2 put some together and end all offers a week b4 xmas? do you think this is a good idea? x
Well I've just had my first 3 requests for Xmas Gift Vouchers, all came in the same day from different people! Me thinks that some people are far too organised! :eek:
We have had our xmas gift boxes (elemis) in Salon for about 2 weeks now and have already sold a few at the same time as running our October promo!
We have been also encouraging our clients to make their xmas appointments which has proved very popular as our nail tech is fully booked xmas week already!
I'm trying to think on little gimic things that i can do with clients at xmas to keep them interested?
thats good that she is fully booked already x

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