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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire

Have got my letter confirming my FDFC today :D .

Along with it I received an order form for items that will 'complement your course kit' :shock: HELP...do I need to order any other products????.......it has been hard enough saving for the course let alone any extras!!

I do have cuticle remover, solar oil, abrasive sampler and a few more bits n bobs already. If I need any extra items, which ones? I will have to ask for money for Crimbo to pay for them :oops:

Chill Sharon ;) - it is product that will help you but you won't need it whilst doing the course - you may need some of the extras once you have finished the course. 8) Don't forget you will be doing quite a few nails and may run low on certain items - your Ambassador will help you during the course to choose what would be necessary to buy - if it is necessary! :thumbsup:
Hi Mrs Geek,

Phew!! :? I was beginning to think I was in trouble there for a minute :D .

Do you get your student kit in some sort of a 'holdall' or will I have to supply one (sorry for the stoooopid questions but I like to be fully prepared!!) and another thing, what does the 'homework' entail as I will be going back to a hungry family each night :? .

The chocolate muffin queen ;)
Hi Sharon

I did the FDFC course earlier this year. The kit came in an oblong cardboard box with a handle. I got an aluminium case from B&Q it's fab, it only cost about £20 and it holds everything I need apart from my paper towel roll !!!

With the kit I got for my course, I found that that I ran out of the scrubfresh & the cool blue quite quick as the bottles were only little, also you will prob need to buy a roll of paper towel, a cuticle pusher & tip cutters as they don't come in the kit.

Our homework was mainly working on the nail trainer.

Hope this info helps.

Good luck with the course, you'll love it, I did !!!
Hi Sassy minx,

Thanks for the advice. I already have a silver box that I bought from a beauty show in which I keep all my nail enamels and nail art goodies. I think that I will end up using that as it keeps everything together real neat & tidy and looks professional too. :D
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