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Jan 8, 2004
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east sussex
I passed my practical exam yesterday!!!! I'm so pleased with myself, i was really panicing cause i hadn't had a lot of practice. They definately weren't the best set i'd done, but i was pleased.

I've booked my 1st workshop for my diploma as well, am really excited. All of a suddon everything seems to be moving forward very quickly, soon i'll be opening my salon and hopefully having loads of clients!!!! :D :D :D

Is ANT the best route for insurance?
yay well done on passing! :)
twotooty2fruity said:
Is ANT the best route for insurance?

I would try Professional Beauty - ANT quoted me £47.50 whereas PB was £34.50
I personaly think ANT and PB insurance are not good enough. you are only covered for damage you may cause to your client.

it does not cover you for things like
  • theft of your kit
  • loss of earnings due to long term illness
  • stock / retail items
  • theft of earnings (if you get mugged on the way to the bank with your weekly takings
would it cover you if you spilt polish or vanish remover on your clients £1500 dinning room table which then dribbled onto the £1800 carpet. after leaving the client you find your car window smashed and your retail stock has vanished. Disgruntled you then travel to the bank to put you weekly takings in the cash machine, whilst doing so you are mugged and relieved of your takings. You then have to have several months of work due to illness.

I dont think the level of cover from ANT or PB would be good enough for one of the above events happening.

You should also insure your hands as a seperate item, they are your income you can insure them for damage . this would pay you compensation for LIFE if they were permanently damaged
Why not call an insurance broker local to your and talk your needs through with them - I bet they can give you a quote to compare...PS Well done on passing your practical
Congratulations :green:
Well done,good for you,keep up the good work!! :biggrin: :) :) :)

Well done you!!! I think you should listen to hermans advice i have my insurance through my broker and it covers me for everything especially if you are opening a salon, you want contents as well as proff and then there public liability. Complicated stuff but worth shopping around.
You have started your ball rolling babe!!
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