Yellow hair!


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Sep 3, 2013
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York, UK
Hey guys,
So I'm working on clean platinum hair, just cleansed from violet so it's a perfect base and now we want to go as bright yellow as I can get it. However, I'm really not a fan of crazy colour etc. Does anyone have any proffesional formulas... I can work in wella, l'oreal, ion and aveda.
Thanks in advance!
Think I've seen @jaymz using some yellows in his work before?
L'Oreal majirel mix yellow is discontinued but if you can get hold of it it is bright yellow, crazy colour yellow is simular almost neon-canary yellow, where as joico color intensity is a slightly warmer shade of yellow but also super bright (my favourite).
My go to yellows are always manic panic electric banana for a neon yellow or sunshine for a darker sunflower shade.
Framesi do a pure yellow & colorissimo do a yellow corrector both are permanant

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