Your spray tanning routine on clients - start to finish


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May 22, 2012
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Hi everyone! Id love to hear your spray tanning routines from once you first welcome the client, I want my routine to be a bit more professional - more like how it would be in a salon (as i do my treatments from home). I usually welcome the client, show them to the room, allow them to have 5 mins by themself to take their clothes off, (leave them a hair net and disposable knickers) once I come back in i get them to put on the sticky feet, ..ask them to step into the tent, and apply barrier cream to palms of hands etc.. Then begin spraying!

Id love to hear if you do anything different or if theres anything else i could do / change to make my routine abit more professional?! Id love to hear your routines and what you do to prepare your clients!!
Thanks everyone !! :) xx
I invite the client in, ask them to fill in a consultation form or sign previous if not first visit & double check they have done all the pre care on the leaflet I would have already posted to them or gone through on the phone etc, then I go through the procedure, showing the client the positions I want them to stand in and explaining how I will spray the face, then show the client the towel and disposables, switch on my machine so the air has a chance to warm up a little, leave the room telling them to strip to their desired level of clothing, when I come back in I attach the gun and spray away (I only attach the gun at this point because it's a lot louder with the gun on!)

Hth x

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