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  1. Carmen
    Hi everyone,
    Has anyone ever come across seeing black lines through any of their clients nails? I have a client who has them on her thumb nails. It looks like it starts at the matrix and grows right out on to the free edge. I advised her to go to the doctor but her GP is stumped. Anyone ever seen this?

  2. oey
    Sounds like bruises in the nail bed that are growing up into the nail groves. Do they feel tender or look like the black that happens with bruises to you? I believe these can be a case of over filing/blending perhaps - just a thought.
  3. Carmen
    They don't look like bruises at all and she's had them before she started seeing me about a year ago. I know it's not a case of overfiling as I'm very careful.
  4. naturalnails
    Next time she comes take a photograph. If she is particularly hard on these nails, it could be a splinter hemorage (sp?) but without seeing it, it is very difficult to say.
  5. charshaun
    Hi there try looking on "hooked on nails" under nail disorders. One that does spring to mind is quite rare and its a dosorder called Melanonychia, these are vertical pigmented bands often described as nail moles which usually form in the matrix. It can (not always) signify a malignant melanoma or lesion however dark streaks in dark skinned people is fairly common.

    Sometimes severly ridged nails can give off this look. Any trauma to the thumbs previously? A photo would be a great help so more of us will be able to identify again should we see the condition again

  6. ValencianNails
    Is this something that appears and then comes back again?

    I have a client who has marks/ridges on her nails, they're the same as her mother's nails.
    I'm wondering if it's genetic.

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  7. talented talons
    Hi Hun, this may be completely wrong, but i just had a look at a site called "Hooked on Nails" and found this: Melanonychia are vertical pigmented bands, often described as nail 'moles', which usually form in the nail matrix. Seek a physicians care should you suddenly see this change in the nail plate. It could signify a malignant melanoma or lesion. Dark streaks may be a normal occurrence in dark-skinned individuals, and are fairly common.

    I could be way off, especially as i am not a doctor, i have looked at a few sites, but nothing comes up as long streaks that are black apart from the above.
    Splinter hemorrhages are the only other thing i can think of, where you have very thin lines which are black and are caused by trauma. As she has had this for a while, i wouldn't know if this was it.

    Hope someone else can be of more help.
  8. phoebe_cat
    I have a client who sometimes looks like she has rubbed a newspaper over her nails. A blackish greyish tinge, sometimes darker than others. The ridges of colour aren't as pronounced as your pic Sandi but the colour is very similar.

    I notice that the pic you have posted is of a black ladies finger, my client is half arabic, so I'm wondering if it could be something to do with ethnicity?.....
  9. charshaun
    Yes Lisa it is down to ethnicity!! I have seen these marks on some of my black girlfriends before and I would go so far as to say it is likely to be genetic. I'm not sure what causes it though much the same as some forms of ridging that I see on a day to day basis.

  10. phoebe_cat
    Thanx for that Charlotte! Cleared up another one of those little mysteries!:)
  11. nailsismygame
    I was going to say the same thing. Alot of African American woman have dark nail plates or streaking on the nail plates. A nail instructor told me that it is caused by melanin in the nail matrix.
  12. Ms.Matrix
    I have this on my nails, but not all the time and they are teenie, tiny little black thin streaks up by the free edge of my almost looks like it does if you were to have a small splinter under your nail, I've always wondered what this was!! It doesn't seem like it's from enhancements because I haven't done a set on myself in MONTHS!

    And yes, I am African-American (black) :D
  13. Shira
    I have seen this many times in women of color at school. It is nothing to worry about. I grabbed my text from school and this is what it states:
    Melanonychia: May be seen as a black band under or within the nail plate, extending from the proximal fold to the free edge. In some cases it may affect the entire nail plate. This condition is caused by a localized area of increased melanocytes (pigment cells) usually within the proximal matrix bed. As matrix cells form nail plate, melanin is laid down with the plate by the melanocytes. As the plate grows towards the free edge a dark band of melanin becomes visible. This condition is present in all dark skinned races. Nearly 100% of Afro-Americans over the age of 50 exhibit this condition. This condition is seen in approximately 12 to 25 percent of the Japanese. In Caucasians melanonychia is extremely rare. If seen, a malignant melanoma must be suspected, and melononychia medically ruled out as a cause. Nail services can be given to clients who have melanonychia.
  14. Rachy Roo
    sounds like a splinter haemorage (sp?) x
  15. nailzandbeauty
    Hi where do i find hooked on nails is it a website plz?
  16. ValencianNails
  17. Carmen
    Thanks everyone for your answers!! It sounds like this is what it may be. She is Caucasian with some Native (Indian) in her and has a darker skin tone. I will get her to talk to her doctor again though.
  18. collin
    Most intresting thread even though nails are ot something i have any knowledge on..but you guy's seem to and reading through this I wonder if you have answered a question I have had in my mind for many a year now.

    When I was about 18 I was serving an electrical aprentiship and during this time we all ways got the dog's body chasing out walls with a giant club hammer and chisel to run cables in.

    One day I wacked my thumb with the club hammer where the nail starts (tecno word there..please forgive me) ...kin kin hurt:irked:

    Until this day I have two (one wider and one narrow) black stripes running the full length of the nail.:eek:

    From reading what you guy's are saying could this be caused by trauma to the area hit by the hammer or have I got the lurgey???

    Is there any treatment you can suggest that may get rid of this unsightly marking?
    Any help would be very much apreciated.:hug:
  19. JANEY K
    ouch colin... after all these years you shouldn't have any problems from trauma as long as there is no pain\numbness\nail seperation\splitting ..although longterm damage to the nailbed\matrix\ ect can occur as a result of trauma it leaves broken capillaries ,burst blood vessels under the nailplate which sounds like your black lines or it is tiny voids in the nail plate cell production...have a chat with ur doctor if ur worried...but hope this helps my mum has 3 fingernails with these black lines running vertically down them..she has had them for the last 10 years and they are still there to this day ... she fell and badly bruised and busted her fingers and after they healed the lines appeared ...her GP told her it is connected to Osteoarthritis which is also a common factor that results after an injury ..hth
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  20. collin
    Wow thank's Janey such helpfull advice..your a star I can see why so many people come on the site looking for it...such a wealth of infomation here..
    Thanks again :hug:

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