Geeks do you think this is a little dodgy?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by kylieb, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. brownt62
    Well spotted!!! scary though:Scared:....makes you think how careful you need to be..... a very good tip...and also as other geeks have previously advised - and very true - go with your gut instinct
  2. gill670
    wow! well spotted and very well done detective charoigne!!!
  3. kylieb
    Well I called today but no answer. I left a message so we will see what happens tomorrow xxx
  4. kylieb
    OH MY GOD!! You clever chick :hug:
    I am definately not even considering doing it. I just want to find out what he is up to.
    Thanks for posting that! xxx
  5. Jolicatellas
    This is what I thought the email was about! This happened to my son when he was selling his car on the net.
    He got an email from some guy saying he was willing to pay some exorbitant price, well above the asking price and all he asked was that my son return $700 of the money to this guy.
    My son did some investigating and it turns out these scammers pay large sums of money that does not clear into your account and want you to pay the $700 before the money clears...
    You know what worries me? People repeat actions only when they get results... so is this working for these scammers??!!
  6. Mich77

    Yes I agree.
    I had something similar like this happen to me the other day. Very similar wording, and services asked for.
    I also had one for my pony that I was selling, again similar wording etc...asking me to send her abroad and give my address details so they could send me a cheque etc......they hadn't even been to view her! :eek:
    I wouldn't trust this one bit so steer well clear!....I just sent a reply saying sorry I am fully booked that day....and sorry she has been sold....haven't heard a thing since.
  7. High Hopes
    oh my god, you are so clever!!!
  8. preciousbeauty
    i think
    1. they are not English
    2. i have had chines men ask me as they wife's to be aren't meant to do that sort of thing or something this has happened 5 times so that is not strange.
    3. i have travel d all over England and Scotland they have paid all expenses so that's not strange ether.
    i would get more info from them and take it from there.
  9. preciousbeauty
    sorry but the capitals ect could be that he is dyslexic believe me i do it all the time.
  10. FlawlessBeauty
    I read your thread when you put it up but i had an email today that made me think of it. It was from an Indian person, i assume, because the name was Patel, and they said they had received my business card and wanted hair and make-up done and what make-up did i use.

    I thought this strange because, firstly, i do have a room within a hairdressers but i don't do it myself and secondly, i haven't given my email address out to anyone so where did they get it from?
  11. salon doctor
    how these things work is usually, they dangle a nice carrot ( some business for you ) then you make arrangements, then you go to the airport, then you get a call saying that they cant pay for your flight without your id etc, and they tell you to give them your details and maybe an amount of money to pay so you can board a plane or make a reervation or somethin, and hey presto, you will be 50 quid down sitting in an airport looking like a dope ! beware ! tell them you require all costs paid to your account in advance including all fees, and that you will have an assistant travelling with you, and watch them suddenly lose interest in you !
  12. lady R
    yep I thought they would be after your bank account details too. Get their address ( under pretence of getting prices for taxis etc ) and then google them. Or find their number through yellow pages and see if it matches what they give you.

    My we are a suspicious lot......:)
  13. frankey67
    With good reason so it seems!
  14. kylieb
    I have emailed him again and asked for the address so that I can book them in my book. reply! x
  15. hezvard
    I am registered with BTER for the Bowen technique & I received an email from some one stating that they had a model coming over to the uk & she wanted Bowen whilst she was here, they said she would need to pay me before she came as she didnt have funds available. They wanted to post me a cheque for a specific amount & wanted me to pay them back the difference!!!

    The next day I received an email from BTER with a copy of this exact email explaining it was a scam & that the money that they send you never clears but in the mean time you have sent them a Q which they cash...I emailed the person back straight away advising I was on to them & for them to never contact me again.

    A caution note though I have a hotmail email address as well as my business address & have just had this stolen by a company....they are now sending all of my contacts emails as if they are from me & my whole address book has gone so I have lost my full contact list!!!
  16. Lavander Rose

    This email to me sounds really dodgy not sure what it is to be honest.

    I really would,nt take the risk but by asking for a contact number in order to speak directly to this person is a fab idea, and yep it will probably scare the bloke away, which again is very strange a man asking.

    It could well be a money scam like already mentioned or you could find yourself in alot of trouble. I would stick to who and what you know to be honest get as much more info from this person as you possibly can,,,,,

    Geee thinking about it its quite frightning ask who the reffered freind was too.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes.
  17. Anne Niven
    Sure I have seen a thread to something similar on here before.

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