How to keep natural nail clean under acrylic?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by first class, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. first class
    hi everyone i did a clients nail today and she asked if i knew of anything she could do to keep her natural nail more clean looking under the acrylic at the tip as it is quite yellow many thanks
  2. Bagpuss
    There is a soak thing they can use at home...Bubble white ...? Sally's do it. Other than that one my ladies swears by toothpaste but not very proffesional...i'd go with the bubble could stock up on some from Sally's and retail it.
  3. Tantrum
    i lightly e-file the back of the nail, just enough to remove the stains. its usually tan or make up so looks fresh again afterwards.
  4. glitz
    I too have a client that swears by Toothpaste :eek:. xxx
  5. first class
    Thank you all will let the client knowx
  6. ellewopter
    toothpaste or lemon juice or i use spa rituals cuticle and stain remover when the client comes in for infills x
  7. Susie H
    I had a client who used to soak her nails in Steredent denture cleaner:eek:
    But I recomend the bubble white, if they want to do the job themselves and a fine cone shaped e-file bit if you are doing it:hug:
  8. geeg
    WEll .............. I'm going to have to disagree with recommending the efile treatment and for very good reasons.

    Using an efile under the free edge of the natural nail is one of the biggest causes of onycholysis in clients. You are ineffect breaking the epidermis by filing it away (as this is what is stained) and when you do that you risk detaching the eponychium or breaking it and resulting onycholysis and possibly worse.

    Nail Brite is another product that you can retail to your clients for home use (no way as a professional would I recommend a DIY home treatment). Nail Brite has been around for 25 years or more and is a great product. Sort of like Jiff for nails :green: It also comes with a great nail brush (best I've ever used) to use with it.

    Available from Sweet Squared 08452106060 or on line at Welcome - Sweet Squared
  9. liza2009
    I have to second that Gigi nail brite is fantastic NOTHING works better :green:
  10. VHunter
    YUP, Nail brite ROCKS!! Instant results every time!
    My clients are in love with it (particularly smokers) and I can't keep it on the shelf

    I agree with Gigi about the e-file.
    Also... we go to all that trouble NOT to overfile the nail in the first place, so why file it to remove dirt?

    Unfortunately, my distributor ceased carrying it (no idea why) and I now have to look elsewhere. I have one client telling me she wants a case :lol: (and the funny part is she's SERIOUS).

    Too bad sweet squared is so far from me :-(

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