Is a website essential?

Discussion in 'Business' started by BotoxBoy, May 21, 2011.

  1. BotoxBoy
    Hi All,

    Just wondering people's views on websites... Are they essential?


    How much approximately have you paid for your website?

    Is it important to have a brilliant website or is it more important to just get online ASAP?

    Does anyone sell via their site if so what software do you use?

    Anyone thinking about a website, how much would you pay or budget for?

    Plus...can you give a few of your links so I can browse them?

    Many thanks...

  2. MissJulesBeauty

    I would say my website is the best investment I have made. I used VistaPrint to host mine. It cost less than 50 quid for the year and is so easy to edit and maintain myself... no complicated HTML codes or anything like that. It is as simple as writing a word document in office.

    My website is

    I upload pictures as often as i can to keep my gallery fresh and give potential customers inspiration... I cannot begin to tell you how many clients tell me they found me online. The best form of advertising I have invested in to date. I would defo say a web page is ESSENTIAL!

    Once you have your website make sure you register it with all the search engines to get the best possible search ranking xxx

    I have never sold products so cannot help with that one but I hope the above is useful x
  3. PrincessNails
    Hey. The gorgeous tips website looks great! I noticed on your service list that you offer enhancements with "designer tips", what are these?
  4. PrincessNails
    Ok I've now looked at your gallery on the site and can see the chanel ones. Where can I purchase these?
    Hi Adam,

    I would say in this day & age yes a website is essential.

    If I what to know anything I just "google it" & the bulk of my new clients via my website said they got my website through a google search.

    I think it is more important to have a brilliant website, it is the first impression a client will get that will reflect you, it could be the difference between having a brilliant website & a standard one that will loose you a new client.
    Also, if you havent had a website up until now, whats an extra few weeks/months to wait until having the best one you can!

    Ruth Mills on here did my website for me & I love it, Ruth works alongside Carl Verve (Extensionize) who is a graphic designer & will create you a logo, both are very reasonable & have done many geeks sites/logos on here. I highly recommend them both.
    If you click on the links at the bottom of my website it will take you to Ruths website (salon Alchemy) & Carls (Extensionize) where you can browse their work.

    With Ruths website you also get a system you log in to where you can edit info, add photos, store clients info/email address, swap links with other sites, add new special offers, confirm or decline testimonails etc

    I dont sell anything via my website at the moment, maybe in the future, but Ruth can set all that up, so you can have a google checkout or paypal linked to your site.

    I would definatly say that getting my website is one of the best things I have done, & it has bought me many new clients too.

    Just to warn you Adam, now you have written this thread you will probably get a someone(s) email you saying that they create websites & will do you one for x amount, I know of some geeks this has happened to before in the past & it is always the same person, just to warn you xxx
  6. Lynne Baker
    Yes, it's hugely important to have a website. There's a reason that the Yellow Pages directories are now handbag sized! People look online when searching for a treatment provider so that they can get a feel for the place, compare services and prices, and see whether they feel confident about your abilities.
    Mine is, have a squint and see what you think!
  7. Mrs RSM
    I originally used vista and it was great for the beginning but I found it too basic after a while, so I paid for someone to do it professionally.

    I would say a site is essential too, I only use a company if they have a site and if it's a good one it makes me more likely to use them than a competitor with a not so great site.
  8. Princess_emily1
    My website hasn't launched offically and looks a bit naff at the minuet but I have linked it to our facebook page in the mean time.
    Google analytics is an amazing tool too! Deffinatly a must and it's free!

    My website is nearly done, but for now....

    It is hosted by 123 reg very good value for money. And I can edit my website very easily. I have set up with chimpmail for email marketing again free and have links to Twitter and facebook :) lots of professional images too x

    My friend is amazing designer and currently is in web development for arcadia group and self taught so a slight computer geek hehe!

    He helps make new images for my page etc so once up offically I shall deffiantly let you all know as I shall need opinions :)

    Our social Online media society is massive! We don't search online any more we "google it" we don't flick through the yellow pages we "google it" ...
    I think in the long run you can control your advertising budget much easier, advertise more widely than on paper and find business small and international. No matter what, you can find it's online :)

    Emily x
  9. Mrs.Clooney
    Yes I agree, in this day and age I think a website is essential. All my clients now come through my website because it comes up on google eg. they google Calgel nails, Hertfordshire and I am on the first page.

    I did give consideration to using a less expensive option for a website like Vista print, but it would not have met my needs personally for various reasons. Ruth Mills built my website and in all honesty I think she is very reasonably priced. I have heard of some extortionate prices for web design which leave me stone cold and they are nothing to right home about ie... slow and difficult to navigate.
  10. BotoxBoy
    Hi All,

    This is brilliant info and thanks for sharing your links with me. I'm almost there with my site but wanted to get a feel of what's out there already.

    I've seen some of those sites with templates but I feel a bad website is not worth having! My partner and I are very picky about the image of the business and hate looking at tacky or cheap sites and we just wouldnt use their services!

    The other thing is I am in a massive city centre so need to stand out which I think I am achieving so far with the site and luckily I have a friend who is wanting to develop his portfolio so is doing it for free!

    Can't wait to share it with you all!

  11. Mrs.Clooney
    I agree, a bad website is not worth having and images need to be good as well. I tend to walk away from sites with poor images and stock photos.
  12. shezler
    Hi Emily,
    I think you site looks fantastic so far, can't wait to see the finished product :Love:
    Sheryle X
  13. Craig Fulton
    Hi Adam,

    Yes as others has described, a website is essential!! The advice in the marketing thread aims to create consumer evangelists that 'sneeze' your brand values onto others. Those 'infected' will most likely research your gospel online. This is where you can then build a 'one to one' relationship with all lines of communication open, 24 hours a day. As you say there is no point going with a bad website as these will turn you potential customers away. We need your website to communicate your brand values to the consumer, as often this can be the first contact with your brand. Try and avoid using template websites where you can as these do not do well for search engine rankings and are often cumbersome in appearance.

    Can I also suggest in investing in a content management system and a blog if you can? This will allow you to update your website without the need for costly design fees and will ensure you are keeping your website fresh (consumers and search engines like this). Also the blog will give you a chance to share your expertise, constantly update with new content and allow subscriptions where you will gain e-mail addresses. All of these techniques are enhanced with your brand values and the aim of becoming a 'remarkable' brand.

    I will be updating the marketing thread if not tonight then tomorrow before I fly down to London. There will be lots of activities for you to do :D
  14. MissJulesBeauty

    I bought them from Ebay (shoot me down) lol x

    they came from Oz I think x
  15. lauraj
    My website has been done on weebly it's if you want to take a look only just created it though so it needs some tweeking

    I was wondering where you had got the tips from too x
  16. craigkeane
    Yeah I think it is. Always have good comments and a lot of people have said they chose me over others because of my website! Check it out at
  17. kylieb
    Hi Adam I also use Vista Print Mobile Beauty Therapy & Spray Tanning - Home I have the premium package and it's so easy to use. Don't think I can post prices on here.
    It's great to have all the info on your services in one place to give to your clients. Other wise you get fed up with answering the same old questions 'what does this do?' or 'how much is that'
    Good luck! x
    Unfortunatly I still get this :rolleyes:
    "I have just seen your website, do you open Sundays/ do you do Shellac/ where abouts are you etc" this is very annoying when EVERYTHING is on the website! x
  19. kylieb
    Emma this is so true! It annoys the hell out of me but I just send them the link again lol
  20. Redduck
    So it's not just me! Every time i've answered the phone today it's been someone phoning after seeing my website and then asking questions that are answered on there. Maybe they just want to speak to someone to get a feel for the business.

    In answer to the OP, I wouldn't be without my website. It's basic, I did it myself (and nearly tore my hair out in the process) but I am getting more and more clients through it. I also get lots of people buying gift vouchers through it. I probably get a few clients/gift vouchers a week from it and, to be honest, as I work alone that's about all I could manage so I think a professional site would probably be too much for me.

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