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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lush-Lash, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Lush-Lash
    Anyone use it? I did before Xmas then stopped dieting because my love for fatty foods was too great lol

    I'm back at Weightloss now... so as of today I'm recording everything on my fitness pal app.

    has anyone lost weight using the app? xxx
  2. Embellir
    I have it, It's scary to see how many calories are in so called 'healthy foods' lol I try and keep up with it but sometimes it's hard to admit lol

    Kim xx
  3. Embellir
    Can add me if you want, my user id is kimbobley!
    Apparently it encourages you if other people can view!

    Kim xx
  4. Lush-Lash
    Aw thanks hun I'll add you now I'm dan2218 xx
  5. lauraj
    I've used it before I think I should have another go now though. I just forget to add things.
  6. missy_s
    I've just started using this today in a bid to be slim lol! Im sasharob86

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  7. Lush-Lash
    I've added you. xx
  8. siobrennan
    hi! iv only just started using the app but it seems really good! and i got 200kcals back this morning for doing just dance on the wii lol! hope u get on well with it x
  9. lauren89
    I signed up last nite still finding it a bit confusing lol. I'm laurenstefani x

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  10. Marinatoch
    I have used it, lost a bit then stopped and put back on - will restart now I've read this !!! My user ID is marinatoch
  11. Essential Bliss
    I've just started too...I'm struggling though..I like my food too much :-(
    Kayleigh0902 is mine!
    Good luck girls x

    Essential Bliss Beauty Therapy
  12. missy_s
    Lol me to! x

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  13. Lolly22
    Just downloaded it as I have put on a few pounds since Christmas that I want to shift! Loving it btw!!! Good way to keep a food diary. X
  14. Jodie-May
    I've lost nearly a stone and a half with it since January! Ive barely noticed limiting my calorie intake! It's just made me aware of what I'm eating :)
  15. secretstyalist
    I have just got it feelreallove add me
  16. siobrennan
    oh and im siobrennan! (surprise surprise haha!) i took a bit of time to get used to it but all good now!
  17. Caversham
    Will the app help, I need to lose some weight but I can't stop eating :( does it work?
  18. Jodie-May
    It works if you do it right and are honest :) I question the calorie allowance sometimes as it set mine far to low and sometimes eating more is better but it makes you think if you really want the doughnut etc :)
  19. Leely
    I downloaded this after I had my little boy over a year ago and I lost 2 stone (all baby weight) I stopped at Christmas and managed to out it all back on :( started up again about a month ago and I have lost a stone :) x
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  20. TweezerHappy
    Going to have to get back into the habit of using this. It helped me before I went on holiday last year.

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