Reason for checking for contra-indications

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  1. pinklady86
    Hi can you please help me with this question I cant find any information on the internet or in my text book.

    Explain the reasons for checking for contra-indications prior to and during the consultation?
  2. MaisyMouse
    Its important to check any client for any contra indications prior to the treatment they are having as a contra indication is a reason that the treatment is not suitable for them and means that you cant carry out that treatment. It is also important to check every time they come in as things may have changed since they were last in, for example medication.
  3. sparklybits
    Hi Honey

    Just to add to the above if your client has a contra indication you need to advise them to go an see their GP to get the correct treatment and diagnoses of the condition. Try not to alarm your client and never ever say what you think they may or may not have as you are not qualified to do so.

    Hope this has been of some help:hug:
  4. Lavender-blue
    Surely this must have been covered at college? What course are you doing?

    This question is very very basic and is one of the first things taught when doing any practical course.

    Your first port of call should be your tutor.
    If you cant find it in your text book then get a better, more informative book.

    Its in all my text books,and iv got loads of them, and iv just looked on internet and the info is in abundance there too for most treatments.

    You really should be asking the tutor if you have missed the info for some reason.

    I really dont think you will get your answers from here hunni.

    sorry i cant be of more help, but i feel iv given you a honest reply.

    Good luck with it.

    Elaine xx

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