Shellac - how do you say it?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by fozzyo, Feb 9, 2011.


How do you pronounce Shellac?

  1. Sh-lack

    90 vote(s)
  2. Shell-ack

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  1. fozzyo
    So I had the incident of upsetting CACI by calling it Cak-ee rather then Kay-See, but what about Shellac?

    I have always pronounced it Shell-ack, but I watched the CND video's yesterday and they refer to it using the name Sh-lack. Now this may be down to their accent I'm not sure.

    So how do you pronounce it?
  2. TweezerHappy
    I've always pronounced it Sh'lac, like in the CND videos as that was how Wee Fee pronounced it at the Shellac Attack class I did back in May. All my clients say it Shell-ac. I correct them but lately I've found myself saying Shell-ac too.

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  3. Karen Minx
    I pronounce mine Shell-lack. xx
  4. Karen Minx
    Now you got my tonge in a twist trying to pronounce it! lol

    Just realised i dont do shell-lack. Its shell-ack, your second one so now can vote lol
  5. An*Gel
    Sh-lack for me... I kinda have a little giggle when my clients put the emphasis on the shell bit :)
  6. VHunter
    None of the above.

    I pronounce it "She-Lack" (but the e is not stressed, more like shhhhhh if you know what I mean?) or "Sha-Lack"
    Not sure how to express what I'm saying :irked:

    I don't stress the E because there are two consonnants between the E and the A.
  7. An*Gel
  8. VHunter
    Hmmm maybe this tells us how to say it right?
    If you go to the link and press on the funny symbol for volume, you'll hear a guy say it. He says it like I do.

    shellack - definition of shellack by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

    shel·lac also shel·lack (sh[​IMG]-l[​IMG]k[​IMG])
    n. 1. A purified lac in the form of thin yellow or orange flakes, often bleached white and widely used in varnishes, paints, inks, sealants, and formerly in phonograph records.
    2. A thin varnish made by dissolving this substance in denatured alcohol, used to finish wood.
    3. An old phonograph record containing this substance, typically played at 78 rpm.

  9. Karen Minx
    I pronouce it exactly the way the guys says it second - cool site thanks!
  10. TracyS
    I go for the sh'lack option.

    Mind, having said that CACI to me reads as cassie so maybe i'm not the one to ask :eek:
  11. AmeliaR
    i think its just peoples accent's i find when you watch videos of american (fingernail fixer, CND vids) they pronounce it Sh-lack. i think thats just they way it comes out from them! lol

    but i call it shell-ac but that just how it comes out when I read it! i feel im putting on a funny voice if i say it the other way!
    theres not much difference i just personally think it accents! x
    I too say it the way the man does on the link above, but I dont pronounce the "e" so I guess I am more sh-lack :)
  13. lilly
    Brilliant site ! just been playing on it for 10 mins !
    Actually, I remember watching a video on youtube where Lisa Eldridge has her nails Shellaced & she says "shell-lack" & asks if she is saying it correctly, then the man says no its "sh-lack" x
  15. waxcetera
    Me too, I was thinking of how I'd spell it to show you how I pronounce it though, well done :D
  16. sallyleeson
    I never say it :green: (joke)
  17. treasure
    I say it the 'Shell-ack' way. I know its supposed to be 'Sh-lack' and i tried to say it like that but somehow i just sounded abit silly. I think it sounds good in an American accent but not British. Is it really bad if were not pronouncing it right? Maybe i should try again! :D
  18. kirsty
    I started off saying shell-ack then realised it's supposed to be Sh-lack. I agree it sounds odd in a british/engish accent, but I'm getting used to it (still think it sounds better the other way though :green:)
  19. *Ang*
    I say it as I see it so it's the second one for me. I agree, the first sounds great coming from an American but I just sound like I'm trying to put the accent on when I said Sh-lack :hug:

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