Shellac peeling off - why??

Discussion in 'Nail' started by jb78, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. jb78
    Hi all,

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare with my Shellac in that it keeps peeling off my clients - lasts for about two days, then the whole lot peels off the nail in one piece :(

    Any ideas what the problem could be??

    Thank you x
  2. jb78
    Oh and I should have said, I've been doing Shellac for a while and this has only just started happening. Its not my lamp bulbs as I use the same lamp for LCN and they're fine!!
  3. eskimonailtech
    It would help if you could be a little more detailed in your description? What is your exact application process?

    Don't rule out the bulbs. LCN cures with less UV output and as we all know, Shellac is designed to be cured with the maximum output as designed by CND.
  4. geeg
    If you are not using the CND lamp to cure Shellac, then you will have problems. That is the end of the story. You are also now technically uninsured to be performing Shellac Services. You will not be certified to do Shellac either. Use the whole system as it was designed to be used.
  5. Up To Scratch
    Your second post reads as if you are not using the CND UV lamp, is that correct? If so you are just wasting Shellac products every time you use them by under-curing in the incorrect lamp... Get on the phone to Sweet Squared ASAP and pick up a CND UV lamp. You will thank me, honestly.

    If, however, you are using the correct lamp, there are other things that could affect Shellac adhesion (although I would be very surprised to see these cause Shellac to peel off whole). Do you PEP the way CND recommend: CuticleAway, Scrubfresh, thorough cuticle removal as demo-ed on the Shellac course, thorough removal and rinsing of Cuticle Away to deactivate the sodium hydroxide? Are you applying each coat thinly?

    Actually, have you done a Shellac course? For a very small outlay, the Shellac course not only gives you a more thorough knowledge and understanding of Shellac, but it can also help to rectify any issues you are having and will give you a beautiful certificate for display and insurance purposes!
  6. jb78
    Thanks for the replies guys and yes, I am CND certified/trained, but think my "cheating" thinking I could use my LCN lamp has proved to be the problem. Naughty me, that'll teach me to try and take a little short cut in my salon - tut tut!! They did tell us this on the CND training, I just thought having been doing nails for years, I could get away with using my LCN lamps, I really didn't think it would make that much difference... clearly not!! I'm off with my head held in 'cheating shame' to buy a CND lamp!!!! :eek: x
  7. geeg
    You are forgiven. Learn to trust a little. We do not lie at CND.
  8. FlawlessBeauty
    Haha! I love this.

    Glad you've got to the bottom of it...sometimes clients like to pick too, so make sure they don't xx
  9. Lucybluebell
    Lol bless you!! Guess it was worth a try :wink2:

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