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  1. A

    VTCT level 3 in London

    I’m currently looking for somewhere good to do the VTCT level 3 in London. I’ve found London Academy of Beauty (LAB). Has anyone attended a course here and were they good?
  2. S

    L2 C&G Nail Tech

    Hello! Newbie in training here 👋 Due to complete the course in Dec but confused at which services I can actually offer when I'm qualified? I know I'll be able to do acrylic enhancements for sure as this is the enhancement we are practising. We have been shown how to do UV gel application...
  3. N

    Maths assessment for course entry

    I am looking to start a beauty therapy course and have seen that i will need to do a maths and english assessment. The english part doesnt bother me but i am hopeless at maths! I'm worried this will ruin my chances. Has anyone else done this and can you shed any light on what to expect...
  4. Glitz-n-Glam

    Extension trainer

    Hi all. I own a busy hair salon and all my girls do hair extensions. I am a qualified assessor and wanted to get into teaching hair extension courses. I’m seeing way too many girls coming out of courses having to clue. How would I go about doing this? I have a private room that I can teach 1-2...
  5. M

    Advice for nail tech/eyelash tech training in Ireland

    Hi all, bit of background - have worked for many years as a hair extensionist, mainly out of a family hair salon in Spain. I have been back in Ireland since the Covid and am planning on staying here until early next year when I will return to Spain. I love my job with hair but I have always...
  6. Lillyb

    Acrylic courses

    Hello, I have always wanted to do beauty and recently had a baby so I think it's the best time to start now. I work for the emergency services so my shifts are all over the place and not family friendly at all. I want to do a course in nail extensions, acrylics, powder etc. I cant seem to find...
  7. M

    Becoming a beauty trainer?

    Hi I just don’t know where do start. So much information online. I currently work in a salon. But would love to hold a monthly training session to train others. In waxing/massage/LVL course. I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist level 2/3. And have been doing it for over 10 years. Any...
  8. E

    Online courses

    I have just started up my business doing beauty treatments and I’m thinking of doing a course in dermaplaning and another course in lash extensions because I haven’t done it in a few years so want to be confident with clients and their asking if I do them. Do any of you know any online...
  9. H

    Hair extensions course recommendations

    Hiya geeks, Looking for a recommendations on the best hair extensions course? I’ve been looking at SJK or Hair Extension Academy but I’d love some first hand recommendations?
  10. A

    Funding for NVQ level 2?

    Hello, I am hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. I am looking to do an nvq level 2 beauty course but need funding. I do not want to go to college for a year as this is not really suitable around my life at the moment. I am from Leicester and it is EXTREMELLY sparse when it comes to...
  11. S

    Do I need LVL certificate?

    Hi I am level 3 beauty trained and have my own room, I want to offer lvl lash lifts. I have been told I don’t need to do the course to be insured as long as I’m level 3 trained and can do tinting/lash perming. Does anyone know if this is true? Or do I have to do the course. Sarah
  12. ClaireFallowfield

    OPI manicure and pedicure course, London

    Good morning, So I have finally decided that I am going to do the OPI manicure and pedicure course, and looking at locations I think London is going to be the easiest for me to get to. But I have a couple of questions before I book onto the course. I am wanting to build up a business of...
  13. jen1989cuttie

    Unaccredited trainer-please help!

    I went on a course that was marked as ABT accredited, the trainer that taught me was not credited. My question is if the teacher is not accredited but the owner who is accredited issued the certificated even tho she did not teach me, is that legal? and is my certificated valid? hope this makes sence
  14. M

    Sassoon Academy diploma

    Hi everyone, Was hoping if any former students of Sassoon Academy could help me with some questions I have about the beginners diploma, because I haven’t been able to find anything online about the experience in depth and what the course is actually like. - What awarding body (eg. City and...
  15. menukagurung

    Lashes Courses

    I am currently looking at doing a course in Lashes. LVL Lift? Any recommendations?

    Training in Cape Town for nails - kindly advise

    Hello, I am wanting to do a nail course in Cape Town, South Africa; and have seen so many options and standards. I kindly need some advice on which standard to go for and does anyone recommend any training courses please? I need guidance, thanks so much. My goal is to open my own work-from-home...