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Feb 26, 2019
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Hiya geeks,

Looking for a recommendations on the best hair extensions course? I’ve been looking at SJK or Hair Extension Academy but I’d love some first hand recommendations?
Hey! I highly recommend oakley hair academy... they are brilliant and continue to support me whenever I email them with a query! Xxx
We had a few in our salon complete different courses, I found the sjk one was the most detailed and the girls learnt the most on it x
I had a great experience training with Hair Extensions Academy. Their after care support is phenominal. I also trained with Oakley and really enjoyed their courses.
I’m going with Maxwell Melia. Selling points for me were their website, looks more professional and polished than the other main academies. They’ve responded to emails and questions promptly. And they have an online hub for after the course to get ongoing support. Plus you can book on a free refresher within 3 months of doing their course

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