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  1. R

    Hair extension kits

    Hi all, I’ve had approx 40 hair extension kits that I am selling for cost price if anyone needs any, to save on shipping? Selling stock from my old business. Hair Extension Training Starter Kit Kit includes: 18” Tape Human Hair 50g brown 18” Weft Human Hair 50g brown 18” Nano...
  2. D

    Tape extensions and thin hair

    Hi all, I have recently had tape extensions fitted (for the third time!). I was unhappy the last 2 people I went to as they never got the blend/colour match perfect. The lady I went to this time seems to have gotten it spot on and they feel so natural in my thin hair. However, I am having...
  3. U

    Celeb weave

    I have recently started course doing nano rings, keratin bonds and celeb weave. I'm really struggling with the celeb weave. And regretting this method. But I know once I get the hang of it I will be find. I cant quite get the thread stitching to stay tight but this will come. But what I am...
  4. Whitesands

    Best extensions for very fine long hair

    I‘ve got really long fine hair and wanting to get extensions for the first time. (I was quite ill at the end of 2018, my hair shed extensively at the end of 2019, all seems normal again now, but you can clearly see a lot of volume has gone) I’ve seen two hairdressers and also an extensions...
  5. S

    Nano bead hair extension - hair loss help!

    HI, I have always come to the salon geek forum to get ideas and advice but never signed up and posted. I now really need some advice around nano ring hair extensions and hair loss. I had my nano rings installed for the first time on March 7th - they are 180 20inchs. All was well when I had them...
  6. S

    Eyelash extensions tips

    So I’ve been qualified for nearly 2 years (level 2 and 3) eyelash extensions were compulsory on my course...I recently purchased a mannequin training head to practice lashes on and in losing my mind! The lashes just don’t seem to stick and stay on the lashes. I’m using marvelash glue and lashes...
  7. J

    Nano beads slipping

    So I did my first set of nanos on my cousin the other week. She has thinner hair and has had extensions before so knows how to look after them. In 5 days she says she has lost 6 extensions! She says the bead is coming with it too so obviously slipping out. Could it be possible I'm trying to put...
  8. L

    La/brainless/micro link weave

    Hello! I’m a beautician/hairdresser myself however I’m not qualified in doing extensions but have just had an la/braidless weave fitted on myself by another professional. I’ve read so many conflicting aftercare advice so I thought I’d come on here and ask! do I have to wait to wash my hair? How...
  9. X

    Hair extensions help! UK extensions to Australia

    So I live in Perth Australia , and I’m looking to get nano’s. The quality of hair over in Australia is terrible - well the ones I’ve seen, I’m going to be spending around $xxx for 200g and installation so it’s not as if I’m looking for CHEAP. I was going to get great lengths but I don’t have...
  10. H

    Hair extensions course recommendations

    Hiya geeks, Looking for a recommendations on the best hair extensions course? I’ve been looking at SJK or Hair Extension Academy but I’d love some first hand recommendations?
  11. S

    Extensions question

    What is the best shampoo/conditioner for Remy clip in hair extensions?
  12. S

    Extensions recommendations

    Ive tried glam locks and sallys but where does everyone recommend i try next for hair extensions?
  13. B

    Please help with extensions info

    Hello everyone! I’m newly qualified in hair extensions and researching all hair suppliers. I’ve been advised to use angel remy but their stock seems so low it’s hard to use them as a main supplier. Heard great things about prestige & euphoria one. I’m just getting all my prices together and...
  14. R

    LA weave-help

    Hi! I recently did a course on a method they called “micro weave” but I’m also seeing it being called the LA weave. I’ve been practising on a few friends and family for now but I keep having trouble with the ends of each weft being so bulky! I go through the weft three times as I was trained...
  15. Ratchett's Xtensions

    New hair extension supplier

    Hey all in need of a new supplier for my medium range, have been using euphoria one for last couple of years and although I find the hair quality great and the price is very affordable I can no longer cope with the hassle it is just to get a reply via text a day or so later!! I use angelslocks...
  16. M

    Coloured extensions

    Hey all needs some advice after colouring my clients extensions. So I've been hairdressing 10 years and started my own buisness in December, I've also trained in extensions December. We were advised to keep training and offering a no fitting charge for the first few months. So i fitted tape...