1. S

    Hormonal breakout

    Hi, i have a client who has had a hormonal breakout around her chin and jawline area. i have offered to perform a calming facial for her to include cleanse steam extract calming mask moisturize is there anything you guys would suggest doing/ not doing as i want to help her get her skin...
  2. S

    Peel off mask

    Are peel off masks absorbed by the skin?
  3. emalou8

    Heated water couch topper?

    It’s a strange place to post but there wasn’t really a great place to post this. I remember years ago going to a spa that had a heated blanket but it also had water in it. To give extra comfort. I have searched hi and lo for this and can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want the hydrothermal...
  4. Kyra Kendall

    Lash tech wanting to offer facials?

    Hi! I have a friend that told me that I can offer facials with all-natural ingredients homemade products without being certified or going to school for it. Is that true?? It will actually be just a facial scrub and/or face mask.