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  1. J

    Microdermabrasion after cataract surgery

    I have a client coming in for microdermabrasion that has had cataract surgery 3 weeks ago. Is that okay?
  2. P


    Hi there, I’m Chloë from Manchester and I’ve recently returned to the beauty industry after a few years hiatus. I qualified as a beauty therapist almost 10 years ago now, however, upon my return, I’ve decided I want to focus more on facial treatments as these were always my favourite to to...
  3. C

    New member needing product advice! :)

    Hi all! I’m pleased to join this community. I run a massage business with a home treatment room in addition to home visits and corporate/office packages etc. I’m adding facials but I’m stumped on which products to use. Any recommendations on a brand or specific products please? I would also like...
  4. N

    Oxygen facial

    Hello, I am currently looking to introduce Oxygen facials to my treatment list and was wondering if anyone had any machine recommendations? Many thanks!
  5. N

    Facial brand

    Hi I’ve just finished Level 2 beauty and am looking in to brands to use to do facials. I’ve heard good things about Eve Taylor but wondered if anyone has any experience of using it with sensitive skin? Are there any other brands anyone can recommend that I should also consider? Thank you
  6. K

    Facials for bearded men

    Hiya. I’ve just completed my level 2 facials and looking for a bit of advice on giving facials to bearded men. I know you avoid the beard when using exfoliators / masks, but do you have any advice on what type of cleanser to use and how you would adapt the facial massage? Do you need to avoid...
  7. S


    Hi everyone! I have recently started my own beauty business and have enrolled On a dermaplaning course. However I have just been researching about how to dispose of the blades (sharps box, collections etc) Can anyone help/ shed light on how this is done, is there a law in place that I need a...
  8. Louisaxo

    Help! Facial skin masks

    So I use strictly professional products but a separate exfoliator. I use hydra jelly masks at an extra charge. But for a standard mask I’m using Kaeso which is combined in the price. I would love to add some great masks that I don’t charge any extra for. Can anyone please help? I’d love to add a...
  9. G

    Looking for a skincare product range

    Hi, I am looking for a product range for my beauty salon. I have been thinking about Eve Taylor, Neal's Yard and Medik8 I just can't decide Any recommendations? Thank you Geri
  10. B

    Facial massage after using galvanic currents

    Hello all! Awesome to connect with like minded people 😁 i have a question to the facialists. Im about to re-introduce galvanic / high frequency treatment into my treatment menu. I have recieved refreshers training on how galvansim is applied to the skin and i what i want to know is at what...
  11. S

    Hydrafacial machine from China?

    Hi there , I was wondering if anyone has purchased a hydra facial machine from China . I have seen some on Ali Baba.. the prices are quite tempting and they look quite good. I have contacted some training providers and it seems as though they are charging double the price for the same machine...
  12. xkayla_herex

    Dermaplaning & peel stings

    Hi I done a dermaplaning and face peel on myself and when Idone the peel my face stung and felt like it was really burning. I have done the peel few times before but it was the first time with dermaplaning. I used the dermalogica pro peel I done the following: Double cleanse Dermaplaning...
  13. A


    I am wanting to start offering dermaplaning facials. I have already done the training. I would like advice on the best products to use? Do I offer just dermaplaning as standard with a cleanse, dermaplane then a finishing product and then also offer a deluxe dermaplane, offering more of a facial...
  14. S

    Mobile tech wanting to expand services

    I'm a mobile LVL Lash Lift Technician (nouveau trained) and really want to add on more services. Can you recommend any other treatments that I can provide either as an add on, or as an alternative? Because I'm mobile it would have to be something with not too much equipment especially as i...
  15. G

    Pricing for the ultimate facial

    Soooo I’m fully qualified and have been for around 5 years now. Just opened my own salon. Already do facials but wanting to add the ultimate facial to my list, however unsure of how to do pricing. Ultimate facial consists of Cleanse Steam Extraction Dermaplaning/microdermabrasion (I have a...
  16. Melodymoo

    Steam or galvanic for extractions?

    Hey all! I am new to the skin industry and I’m debating between using a a facial steamer for extractions or to use Galvanic Desincrustation. What have you used that’s the easiest way to perform extractions? thank you
  17. G

    Massage bed problem

    Hi all. Not skin related BUT I’ve just opened my own salon and have a massage room with a massage bed...bought it all set it all up...not realising until yesterday that it’s around 10-15 cm too small for me. It comes up to my mid thigh, but really I need it to be waist height so that I am not...
  18. L

    Facial skincare brands

    Can anyone recommend a good facial and skincare brand to use. I’m still trying to build up clients so don’t want to have to spend to much. I’m level 3 and Elemis trained but Elemis is out of my budget. any recommendations will be amazing or any advice on building up clients when working from home.
  19. D

    Mobile beauty focusing on skin and brows

    Hi everyone - thank you for looking at my post. Due to the current climate I have had to leave a room in a salon I was renting and go mobile when I am able to. I have never been mobile before and the thought of setting up and down after each treatment is stressing me out. I do facials and...
  20. C

    Natural face masks and scrubs

    Long shot if anyone knows but I’m interested in making my own natural face masks and face scrubs For my facials on clients. I can’t find a course on it, or is it ok as it will be natural. Or do I need to find a acredited course?