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  1. G

    Massage bed problem

    Hi all. Not skin related BUT I’ve just opened my own salon and have a massage room with a massage bed...bought it all set it all up...not realising until yesterday that it’s around 10-15 cm too small for me. It comes up to my mid thigh, but really I need it to be waist height so that I am not...
  2. L

    Facial skincare brands

    Can anyone recommend a good facial and skincare brand to use. I’m still trying to build up clients so don’t want to have to spend to much. I’m level 3 and Elemis trained but Elemis is out of my budget. any recommendations will be amazing or any advice on building up clients when working from home.
  3. D

    Mobile beauty focusing on skin and brows

    Hi everyone - thank you for looking at my post. Due to the current climate I have had to leave a room in a salon I was renting and go mobile when I am able to. I have never been mobile before and the thought of setting up and down after each treatment is stressing me out. I do facials and...
  4. C

    Natural face masks and scrubs

    Long shot if anyone knows but I’m interested in making my own natural face masks and face scrubs For my facials on clients. I can’t find a course on it, or is it ok as it will be natural. Or do I need to find a acredited course?
  5. Hazel1981

    PPE, price increase, massage and facials

    Hi My main treatments are massage and facials. I have ordered PPE, such as a face shield, disposable gloves, disposable sponges, disposable face towels etc. Is anyone else going to wear disposable gloves for massage/facials? With all the disposable products I will need, I will need to...
  6. Dani1987

    Bulk buying and selling as kits

    I've had an idea to do my clients little kits using the products I use for their own DIY treatments to keep them going whilst we are in lockdown... I'm hoping they will go on to buy bigger retail sizes for use between their facials then, I'm mobile so I don't push retail as I don't like to...
  7. Realist.jen

    Are there online courses for back acne?

    Some of my clients suffer with back acne and I want to know if there are any courses out there that provide this course (preferably online) and not extortionately priced. I can’t seem to find any online I have looked everywhere. Hopefully someone can help me
  8. J

    Products used for mobile facials

    Hi there, I'm doing a business unit for my college course and I have to create a hypothetical business plan. I just have a question about product supply. Are you allowed to purchase products from any company such as The Ordinary and use on your clients? Do you have to contact the company...
  9. R

    Million Dollar Facial - help please from anyone who’s trained with them!

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice on cost and training really... it’s a course I’ve been wanting to do for a while and finally have decided to book but been advised the kit with the training is inadequate and I would need a “few extra hundred” to make sure I’m ready to go? Can anyone advise if...
  10. J

    Facial bed setup?

    Just wondering how people like to set up their beds for facials. I want to make the experience much more cosy and relaxing for my clients during their facial, whilst keeping laundry to a minimum. At the moment i have: -couch cover -large towel -fleecy blanket But I'm curious if anyone uses...
  11. S

    Hormonal breakout

    Hi, i have a client who has had a hormonal breakout around her chin and jawline area. i have offered to perform a calming facial for her to include cleanse steam extract calming mask moisturize is there anything you guys would suggest doing/ not doing as i want to help her get her skin...
  12. S

    Peel off mask

    Are peel off masks absorbed by the skin?
  13. emalou8

    Heated water couch topper?

    It’s a strange place to post but there wasn’t really a great place to post this. I remember years ago going to a spa that had a heated blanket but it also had water in it. To give extra comfort. I have searched hi and lo for this and can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want the hydrothermal...
  14. Kyra Kendall

    Lash tech wanting to offer facials?

    Hi! I have a friend that told me that I can offer facials with all-natural ingredients homemade products without being certified or going to school for it. Is that true?? It will actually be just a facial scrub and/or face mask.