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  1. B

    North London tutor/hair extension specialist

    Looking for a new role? You are looking in the right place! We are looking for a hair stylist/extension specialist to come and teach courses within our academy which are London and UK based. Hairdressing Tutor Role - North London Job description About us We are the UK's most prestigious...
  2. L

    Introducing myself and seeking top hair extension suppliers!

    Hey everyone! I'm Sena, a recent graduate from the Hair Extension Academy, specialising in six application methods. Now, I need your expertise in finding the perfect hair extension supplier. I'm on the hunt for top-quality hair from various origins, with both affordable options and a touch of...
  3. P

    Training in my NVQ Level 2

    I’m starting a course in September to complete my NVQ Level 2 and I really want to make a start now and get myself ready for it. I’m also starting an Extension course in July. Is there anything I can start reading up on or any books I should start getting through? Just want to get myself...
  4. T

    Hair extensions

    Post deleted
  5. L

    Extension course & questions

    I am looking to start going into hair extension training. Unfortunately I am not a hair dresser so I am struggling to find a good course, does anyone have any recommendations? Do these courses have to be HABIA approved also? I would be looking to do invisible weft and micro rings. I also wonder...
  6. Glitz-n-Glam

    Extension trainer

    Hi all. I own a busy hair salon and all my girls do hair extensions. I am a qualified assessor and wanted to get into teaching hair extension courses. I’m seeing way too many girls coming out of courses having to clue. How would I go about doing this? I have a private room that I can teach 1-2...
  7. S

    Hair extensions course?

    Hi there! New here 😊 I’m looking at learning hair extensions.. I’m not happy in the job I am in, and I have always had an interest in hair and beauty. I’ve studied level 2 hairdressing a few years ago, and my teacher ruined the whole thing for me, as I wasn’t a confident learner! What would be...
  8. F

    Hair extension courses!

    Hi everyone xx I’m hoping someone can help me! I want to do a hair extension course and I’ve been trying to research the best one. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews about most courses (and lots of fake positive reviews it seems) so it can get really confusing! I’ve chosen Maxwell Malia...
  9. F

    Best hair extension course

    Hi, I did a 1 day balmain cold fusion extension course whilst in college but feel it was a bit rushed so would like to brush up on my techniques. Can anyone recommend a similar course please? I have read so many mixed reviews, it's so hard to choose! Thanks for your help!
  10. Yasminbrooke

    Hosting a hair extension competition

    I’m wanting to host a competition to boost awareness of my new hair extension business page and the winner will receive a free hair extension fitting. The only thing is I’m a little confused, do I offer the whole thing free so the hair and the fitting, or does the winner pay just the price of...
  11. Yasminbrooke

    Hair extension business name, any suggestions!

    I’m not qualified in hair extensions yet but I’m doing a course next month for micro rings, nano rings and fusion bonds (I’m so excited) but I’m struggling with choosing a name for my business! I’ll be offering mobile to start with but I’d eventually like to transition into working from a home...
  12. G

    Hair extension course - Scotland

    Hey! Looking to take a course for hair extensions, I don’t have any background in hairdressing so would be going in as a beginner. Ideally looking for a course which will cover majority of extension types along with how to cut the hair. Any recommendations?