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  1. Kat_cuts

    Which colour brand?

    So ive got a new job and in this new salon i have to supply my own colours! Exciting! But im unsure of what to use, i currently use a mix of wella and milkshake in the salon im about to leave. But ive been looking in the suppliers and XP100 and Rusk are both cheaper than wella but are they as...
  2. S

    Considering getting a shop

    Hi all new to all this but wondering if any of you could help, I have been mobile hair for 5years and i have been curious about opening a salon I have the perfect nail tech and make up artist I have done my research on those and i have a girl Who i have worked with over a 10year period who is...
  3. E

    Advice on achieving this color?

    I'm a recent cosmetology graduate and I'm not working in a salon yet nor have I taken state board yet. When I was taking my cut and color class, the teacher didn't go in depth with color telling us we would learn it with experience training on the salon floor there. I didn't go to the best...
  4. R

    Rainbow hair (mobile)

    Hi! Does anyone have any suggestions for best practise in washing off a rainbow colour as a mobile hairdresser. I am doing a global colour brown and a hidden panel underneath, last time we tried sitting back against the bath to rinse separate but was very messy! Thanks
  5. H

    Need a new salon permanent colour brand!

    Dear All, I run a salon and I'm looking for a new good quality permanent colour that wont dry out my clients hair. Does anyone know about a cheap but good quality salon permanent colour brand? Best Hairlover2018
  6. M

    Matrix highlift highlights over old low lights

    I will be using matrix Ultra lift on a client who has been having foils using level 9 for lighter shade and level 6 in demi for lower shade— She now wants to go brighter without using bleach. She is a 6NA naturally. In the past matrix ultra lift ash has left a golden tone so I am wondering has...
  7. Emmie1

    XP 100-how do I use?

    So I have used XP100 before and it worked brilliantly this time with 10.81 it didn't even do anything to my hair? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong? I have attached a photo of the products I'm using and my current hair colour.