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  1. I

    What is the balance between looking busy and accommodating clients?

    Like all stylists I have slow days. Most of the time I accommodate my clients either same day or within 2 days. Some have grown accustomed to that, just so they don't feel like they can get them in allll the time sometimes I make myself seem busier than I am. In these cases I may say I don't...
  2. CreateBeautiflHair

    Work Showcase Hair-style tutorials

    These are a few of the styles I’ve been teaching online in the last few weeks … I hope you like them! just let me know if there are any styles you’d like to learn!
  3. D

    Business advice needed

    So im an mobile hairdresser and im struggling what to do i worked in a salon before Christmas but the salon owner ended up letting me go i was self employed so no problem now i don't know what to do with my self i would like my own shop but not a clue how to do a business plan any help or...
  4. Madmazz

    Chair to rent in Redditch, Worcestershire

    Hi everyone, I have a spacious salon with free parking over in the West Midlands and looking for stylists to join us on a self-employment basis. We offer various services from physiotherapy to hair replacement. Everyone is self-employed and runs their own micro-business but there is an...
  5. S

    Strain and hairstyling

    I am a 4th year student at the University of Strathclyde carrying out my final year project based on developing a product to reduce the strain (in hands, wrists, shoulder etc.) due to everyday use of hairstyling tools. I would be extremely grateful if any hairdressers could take a few moments to...
  6. Ditzydorey101

    Scottish Hair and Beauty awards

    Hey there! Just wondering if anyone on here has entered the SHABA awards for a hair category? If so what was your experience? I’m thinking of entering next year but I wanted to know how the process was for others, there’s not an awful lot of information on their site. Thanks in advance!