What is the balance between looking busy and accommodating clients?


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Isabella S

Aug 9, 2020
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Like all stylists I have slow days. Most of the time I accommodate my clients either same day or within 2 days. Some have grown accustomed to that, just so they don't feel like they can get them in allll the time sometimes I make myself seem busier than I am. In these cases I may say I don't have the exact time they want or the day they are looking for. In some cases I altogether say not today ( or in near future) I love my clients that why I bend over backwards for them BUT they have to know that I have other clients too. In a society where art is often rushed because of consumerism I try to not to a half fast job for ANY of my clientele. They are my walking billboards. Please if anyone else experiences this I need some advice on how to gently lay down boundaries for any pre-existing clients and for any new clients as well.
In my 16 years I have learned to give honest availability within the hours you are willing to work. Be on time and professional and they will learn to relax and wait when you need them to. Honor their time and loyalty, don’t worry about looking busy. it always works to put them on a waitlist in case of cancellations. Even if you can’t get them in sooner they will feel like you are on their side.
I work full time at an office job during the week.
Therefore I have limited time on weekends to accommodate my clients.
When first starting out 7 years ago I wanted all the clients I could get so I could improve on my skills.
From the get go i would book their next appt for 3 weeks later, i would tell them I had limited spaces and it worked most of the time.
Of course there was always times that a client needed to change and I would try to accommodate but sometimes I just couldn't.

I have discovered over the years that clients can be quite fickle.
I got rid of the annoying ones and focussed on those who didn't give me grief.

Right before covid my niece was due to get married on 4th April.
The bullshit I had to put up with from her, her mother, bridesmaids etc, changing appts it nearly sent me into a breakdown.
Then here in Aust salons had to shut down on 23rd March...... PERFECT!!!!!

Since the shut-down I have not reopened.
I now just do nails on myself, my daughter and my hairdresser..... we do a swap, free nails for free hair.
I dont miss it at all, esp the bullshit.
Looking back I dont know how I did it and put up with the crap.

We have to be the ones to be firm or some clients will walk all over us.
So I say, do what suits you and works for you.
If clients don't like it too bad.

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