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  1. M

    Hairdresser chair to rent / nail technician wanted in Twickenham London

    🌟 Join the Maj Studio !🌈 Calling all amazing hairdressers and talented nail technicians! 🎉 Why Us? •⁠ ⁠🪞 Chair Rental for Hairdressers: Be your own boss in our trendy space. •⁠ ⁠💅 Nail Technician Wanted: Creative freedom and competitive compensation! Why Maj Studio Stands Out: •⁠ ⁠😄...
  2. AdRocNails


    Selling 2 backwashes and 3 styling chairs. Have had for about 5 months and barely used so in amazing condition! Based in London, Wandsworth Can sell separately, part of a package or a couple together Backwashes selling at £300 each and styling chairs at £100 each. Open to serious offers...
  3. AdRocNails


    Hi all! I have a couple of salon furniture bits to sell so please pass on if you know anyone that may be interested! Based in Wandsworth, London. Need them out ASAP! Selling due to the fact I no longer need them at the salon and everything is pretty much in immaculate condition as I’ve only...
  4. C


  5. A

    Looking for 2 hairdressers!

    Looking for 2 hairdressers Part time or full time available Will be self employed and therefore will require own public liability insurance Will be on a commission basis of 50/50 on each appointment completed Benefits include treatment swaps with other staff members and incentives for client...
  6. H

    Chair renting

    I’m currently renting a chair at a salon and I’m just interested to hear how it works for everyone else that’s doing this. I’m the only self employed one in my salon so the other 4 are on the salon booking system, I do my own with clients contacting me directly, the new ones usually find me via...
  7. L

    Hair extension stockists

    Hi everyone, just a quick post as I’m looking for a couple of hair suppliers just as back ups. I use to use Hair port but this was a good few years ago now and I’m starting to do hair extensions again. I currently use Additional Lengths because the quality is really good for the price but was...
  8. K

    Return to work after lockdown while pregnant!

    Hey, Are there any other self employed pregnant stylists out there? And what are your plans on returning to work if at all at the moment? I’m 15 weeks and due in November, if I’m honest I’m a bit nervous to go back, I work in a salon and they’re preparing for opening back up with all the...
  9. M

    Finger/hand tattoos

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on here so I hope this is okay I am just after some advice, I have 13 tattoos all over some covered some not and that has never been a problem at my work place (I’m incredibly lucky) BUT I have always wanted a hand tattoo and some finger tattoos. I know what...
  10. G

    Has anyone used Marijel cool cover?

    Client has a natural cool base level 6.5-7, darkest ash blonde with about an inch of roots coming through and the rest of lengths a warm golden level 8 and is looking to go back to her natural colour, despite her natural ash tone she lifts very red, I’ve been recommended Marijel cool cover to...
  11. R

    Hair chair for rent in Angel, Islington

    Angel Faces salon in N1 London Searching for a new hairdresser, with their own clients, to rent one of our hairdressing chairs in our professional hair and beauty salon. Please contact 07882532890 or email [email protected]
  12. J

    Opportunity to open your own blow dry bar

    Hi Guys, I’m in the process of taking on the lease for a shop next door to my salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s, huge footfall and traffics flow. I’m looking for someone that would like to open up their own Blow Dry Bar, I have 4 hair stations. I’m located in High Wycombe...
  13. S

    Considering getting a shop

    Hi all new to all this but wondering if any of you could help, I have been mobile hair for 5years and i have been curious about opening a salon I have the perfect nail tech and make up artist I have done my research on those and i have a girl Who i have worked with over a 10year period who is...
  14. I

    I asked my hairdresser for blonde and got blue/grey!

    Please help, i dont know what to do. I have a wedding coming up in two weeks!!! My hair was blonde/orangeishhh when i went to the salon. I asked to get a pretty blonde without the orange. At first she bleached my hair and it was super yellowish white. Then she dyed it again and it is now...
  15. J

    Why won't my hairdresser do a full bleach?

    I'm naturally blonde and fair and I've been getting full head/half head highlights of just bleach for 3 years now. My hairs in good condition however when I've asked for a full bleach and and a silver toner to be put on my hairdresser refuses and just gives me a full head instead? Should I keep...
  16. P

    Refresher courses

    Hi all. I've been out of the hairdressing game for a while and I wanted to know if anyone can recommend someone I can go to refresh my skills/ colour knowledge! All suggestions welcome :)
  17. M

    Booth rent or commission

    I just got out of school not long ago. Been in the nail business for not even half a year. Started out in a booth rent salon. Was making no money so I decided to tell my manager I was going to step away and try to find somewhere that’s commission. Was told I had no passion & this wasn’t the line...
  18. H

    Self employed renting a chair in salon help

    does anyone have a set list that could help me out such as where to start with tax, how much stock should i buy and when, best way to advertise myself for walkins, how to keep records of what comes in and out, including my rent i pay. will be a cash only salon so hows best to keep the money...