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  1. P

    Training in my NVQ Level 2

    I’m starting a course in September to complete my NVQ Level 2 and I really want to make a start now and get myself ready for it. I’m also starting an Extension course in July. Is there anything I can start reading up on or any books I should start getting through? Just want to get myself...
  2. Amyloudon

    Women’s VCTC Hairdressing Level 2 Certificate?

    Hi lovely ladies & gents, Its a long time since i was last on here. I lost my job due to COVID and have started up my hair extension business which im loving again :-). I cam across this course at my local college, Its and VCTC level 2 certificate (not diploma) and is a part time/1 year course...
  3. C

    Help to find a fast track course I can do around my job

    Can anyone help me please? I studied hairdressing as an apprentice and did in house training at a salon years ago. I didn't ever complete my training (had to quit due to situational reasons) and I've always regretted it! I loved it, picked it up quickly and miss it! I really want to get back...
  4. V

    Training costs?

    Hi I am looking for Key information or if anyone knows where is best to get a 'Training cost' agreement./contract ? Training cost …. for the employer (myself) to have an agreement for an employee who is going on a hairdressing course that myself/business has paid for. I've seen a few that...
  5. M

    Sassoon Academy diploma

    Hi everyone, Was hoping if any former students of Sassoon Academy could help me with some questions I have about the beginners diploma, because I haven’t been able to find anything online about the experience in depth and what the course is actually like. - What awarding body (eg. City and...
  6. P

    Hairdressing books

    Can anyone recommend some hairdressing books on cutting/colouring, or if anyone has any old files or PDF stuff with educational purpose that they wouldn't mind emailing across that would also be great! Thanks in advance ! !! Xx