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  1. R

    Business name

    Hey all 👋 Have just finished my small home studio and need to make a logo and go live on the social network. I’m just after some feedback on a name. I was originally set on “in the chair with Renee” but I’m not sure 🤔 is it too much of a mouthful, I pride myself on the whole experience in my...
  2. B

    Advice on Planning Permission

    Wondering if anyone has been through a similar situation and could provide some advice please! I want to use my spare bedroom for a wax salon: no building work or structural changes; the room would still be used as our guest bedroom with a sofa bed; our home would remain predominately a private...
  3. G

    Home Salon Requirements

    Hi everyone, I’m thinking of opening a salon at home in a summerhouse in the garden.. Does anybody know- 1. Do you have to ask council permission before setting the business up? 2. If you have to offer toilet facilities for clients? (There won’t be any employees just me alone working from...
  4. H

    Water system advice for salon/garage conversion

    Hi Geeks Looking for some advice on recommended water systems to use for a home salon space built in a garage. I am in the planning stages at the moment and already have trenched extended water / waste pipes up to the outside of the garage building which is situated at the end of my garden. I...
  5. T

    At home beauty salon?

    I’ve been mobile for over a year now in beauty, and was thinking of changing to do doing a home salon to make things easier for myself? Does anyone do home based beauty and would recommend it? Not sure how I feel about people coming in and out of my parents house as I’m only 19 and still living...
  6. T

    At home beauty salon

    I have been a mobile therapist for nearly a year now, and it has done me good building up my client base, but it’s so difficult and time consuming to drive to 6 different peoples houses a day and carry all my equipment in a tiny car! I was wondering if it would be easier for me to be home base...
  7. C

    Beauty bed for eyelash extensions

    Hi all, I have recently set up a home salon for eyelash extensions as I recently completed the qualification and after some practice will be looking for clients. I was wondering if after every client you change the throws/blankets/covers on your beauty bed for the next client? As I am not...
  8. A

    Hairdressing from a garden cabin?

    Hey!!! So I’ve got a large cabin in my garden, approx 20ft from my house and is perfect for me to do hair from now my kids will both be in school come September! So I keep trying to look up what I need to do or who to notify but am getting no where fast! I will inform my council, and Home...
  9. JessHens

    Home based nail salon?

    Hi S-Geeks, Those who do nails from home.. Where are you set up? Do you have a separate/dedicated nail room you work out of? Do you just have a set up in a living area.. Thanks :)
  10. J

    SPMU - from wooden outbuilding?

    Hi all, Wondering if you can help?! I am really keen in retraining and becoming an SPMU technician, and working from home. We are currently in the process of buying a new property, and the house has a very large wooden outbuilding at the end of garden (current owner is a lash and tan...
  11. H

    Conservatory at home salon

    Hi All I was just wondering how many of you out there have converted your conservatories into an at home beauty room? I have a really nice space at home and am looking at going self employed and making it into my own beauty space as I’m currently working in a salon and feel I need more...