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Hi All

I was just wondering how many of you out there have converted your conservatories into an at home beauty room?

I have a really nice space at home and am looking at going self employed and making it into my own beauty space as I’m currently working in a salon and feel I need more flexibility and control over my own diary.

I do also have a small garden and could potentially build a log cabin but I thought using space I already have might be better?

Obviously I’m going to contact the council, my mortgage company and Home insurance to see if it’s viable. I’m also looking at underfloor heating, roof insulation to reduce noise and temperature control, glazing the windows and buying new blinds to help regulate the temperature all year round.

Have any of you done this?
Do you have any tips for things I need to do or look into?
Any good advice?

For those that were in a salon how did you break it to your clients that you were leaving? I’m also worried about upsetting my current boss in terms of needing to tell my long time clients where I’m going but not wanting him to feel like I’m being sneaky and poaching clients??

Did you phase in working from home slowly or quit salon work and move straight into at home work? I’m wondering how long it took you to get busy. I’m sure some of my clients would follow me.

It’s a little daunting - & exciting as I’ve been salon based 16 years so it’s time to make the move!

Thanks in advance for any advice



Are you employed in salon or self employed?
I started from home but not a conservatory. My friend is very successful in hers. All the things you’ve said, she’s done. Client loo is important. How accessible is it.
Good luck

Vic x


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Client loo would only be a few steps away from the room.

I have a separate side entrance too so no one would have to walk into the house and also on driveway parking.

I’m employed in a salon so I’m finding that hard as clients keep saying ‘if you ever leave please let me have your details’ and I know my salon doesn’t ‘own’ the clients I just don’t want them to feel I’ve shafted them in any way.

Good to hear your friend is successful in her at home venture.



I would let them have a card or your details. You obviously can’t take their details so it has to be down to them to contact you.

Good luck x


Many thanks. X


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Assuming you have a website or Facebook page, providing the clients know your name they can google you. I think giving them your card is effectively poaching and you could be in breach of contract if you did that.

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Think about blinds and a good cooler and heater. I’m in the process of making ceiling panels from black out fabric to keep our the direct sun and reduce heat.