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  1. M

    Lash technician: finding people for case studies

    Hi everyone I’ve signed up to do my lash courses and I’m really excited! I was wondering how everyone found finding people to practice on for case studies and if there was any advice for finding people. Thank you!
  2. L

    Eyelash training

    Looking for some help and advice :) I am a fulyl qualified beauty therapist, I currently work in a salon which offers LVL and I'm looking to advance my skills into Lash extensions. I plan on providing lash treatments possibly in salon but in my spare time and weekends. I have looked into...
  3. J

    Eyelash extension courses/training

    Hey, Been doing some research on lash extension courses/training in or close to London. The ones coming up the most since I've been researching are Eyelash emporium, Flirties and Nouveau lashes. I've completed a L2 in beauty therapy but have no lash extension experience so looking for a...
  4. C

    Disinfecting tweezers

    would surgical spirit work to disinfect tweezers in-between eyelash extension appointments? (wasn't sure what thread to post this under)
  5. Soph_beauty

    Lash lifting

    Hi, I’ve been wanting to do lash lifting for a while now as I am a mobile business. At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do lifting or extensions but I’ve come to the conclusion that lifting will fit in with my current personal life. However, I don’t know what brand to go for in lifting. I...
  6. menukagurung

    Lashes Courses

    I am currently looking at doing a course in Lashes. LVL Lift? Any recommendations?
  7. S

    I have my qualification, what now?

    Hey everyone! I'm stuck in a bit of a slump and was hoping someone could help. I've newly qualified as a lash tech and I am excited and ready to start, I have done a few treatments on friends and family but I don't really know where to start off in terms of making it a business. I can't do it...
  8. Laurenmcg2011

    Lash lift course?

    Hi I’m looking into training in lash lift and tinting and I’m just wondering who is the best to train with I’m seeing a lot about lvl and salon systems. I am based in Dublin and finding it very hard to find any courses within the next few weeks so if anyone can help point me in the right direction