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  1. A

    Last lift product Elleebana

    Hi all, I’ve been trained in lash lifts & started using salon system which I didn’t get on too well with so switched to Airlift. I find I get great results however for clients who want the ‘pulled up’ lash look all my airlift lifts are always curled. I have since purchased a Elleebana test kit...
  2. K


    Hi guys, I am a newly qualified lash artist, and have only just begun taking on customers. I have found that even though I've taken time to stick the pads down and tape any stray bottom lashes over them, I'm having a huge problem of the bottom lashes being stuck to the top ones when the client...
  3. A

    Belmacil vs Refectocil tint

    Has anyone compared both of these brands of tint? I’ve only used Belmacil on eyelashes after a lash lift and the results are nice but I’d like to know how they compare in comparison to Refectocil on brows and standard lash tints!
  4. M

    Advice for nail tech/eyelash tech training in Ireland

    Hi all, bit of background - have worked for many years as a hair extensionist, mainly out of a family hair salon in Spain. I have been back in Ireland since the Covid and am planning on staying here until early next year when I will return to Spain. I love my job with hair but I have always...
  5. S

    Lash glue on eyepads

    Hi, new to the forum and already found lots of ace info. Have trained in lash extensions just before lockdown, practiced a ridiculous amount on a mannequin head during lockdown, the only thing im not happy with is when i finish a set of lashes i always have dots of lash glue on the eyepads that...
  6. L

    Eyelash extension help

    Help!! I have just done a 3 day course in classic lash extensions and STRUGGLED. After finally getting used to isolating the natural lash I am struggling extremely with placement. It’s almost like my depth perception is completely off and I end up going past the natural lash as I’m placing and...
  7. L

    Elleebana rods or shields?

    Hi. Im totally new to salongeek so hopefully im posting in the right place. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the elleebana rods and shield. Do you prefer one over the other? Also which rod is the closest size to the medium shield? Thanks in advance.
  8. KatieL3321

    I’m just here to vent!

    It’s recently come to my attention that there is another girl local to me that is newly qualified in lashes and nails has been working all throughout lockdown from home and doing at a heavily reduced price. She’s been advertising all over social media that she’s working “but no need to worry...
  9. Charlottehana

    Eyelash extension feedback please?

    Hi! I’m currently doing a lash extensions course, I have done two full sets on family members. I’m verrrrry self critical so I feel I’m not happy with them. I just wondered if I could have some feedback please on them?
  10. N

    Beautician wanted

    I'm looking for beautician wanting to rent a chair in salon in Birmingham (Erdington) Clinic reantal is also avaliable
  11. L

    Alternative to lash lift and tint nourishing oil and cleanser

    So I just switched lash lift and tint kits unfortunately the nourishing oil and cleanser bottles don’t close fully so after one use it all fell out are there any other alternatives I can use for a nourishing oil or cleanser or do I just need to buy a whole new kit
  12. C

    Lash glue for self lashing?

    Hello! New to this forum. I am a certified lash tech and I am WELL aware that this is like forbidden however I know there are people who do it lol. SELF LASHING! The fumes kill. I was wondering if there are any self lashers out there that can recommend a good glue with little to no fumes.. I...
  13. N

    Lash lift safe to do a day after?

    I used the icon sign lash lift kit and it worked perfectly fine for my right lashes, however for my left eye I didn’t leave the perm on long enough so they’re not lifted at all. I did it 24 hours ago, is it safe to re do my left eye?
  14. N

    Best sensitive/hypoallergenic eyelash adhesive for volume lashes

    Hi I'm looking for the best fast setting sensitive glue for volume lashes. i have tried a few different brands, marvel lash, flirties and they are ok for classics but volume fans just close. Has anyone came across a really fast setting sensitive glue? Any recommendations would be greatly...
  15. N

    Walsall Salon rental opportunities

    Hi all, I’m currently in the process of taking over a salon in Walsall. The salon is a chair/room rental salon. The upstairs area has 3 stylist and 1 beautician. I will be changing the downstairs area from sunbed stations to nails/make up/ lashes/ wig maker stations. I have 5 stations...
  16. L

    Eyelash training

    Looking for some help and advice :) I am a fulyl qualified beauty therapist, I currently work in a salon which offers LVL and I'm looking to advance my skills into Lash extensions. I plan on providing lash treatments possibly in salon but in my spare time and weekends. I have looked into...
  17. H

    Eyelash help please !

    Hi everyone, so at the start of the year I went on a eyelash extension course (classic lashes). I haven’t been great with my practice, however I am now opening up my beauty room and want to add it to the rest of the services I do. So I just want to practise properly on live models so I can get...
  18. L

    Eyelash extensions

    Hi, Im just wondering for buisness purposes does anyone know if Express Eyelashes come under Individual Semi Permanent Lashes / Individual lash extensions?
  19. J

    Cashmere or Mink lashes

    Hey there, I’m soon going to be training in lash extensions (classic) and wondering which type of lashes are better cashmere or mink or if you know of any other better ones?? thanks ok advance ☺️
  20. C

    Lash lifting, struggling to get good results

    Hi ladies, I am newly qualified on Lash lifts and practising on friends & fam just now. I have salon services lash lifting equipment & also equipment from The Beauty Academy Course and testing to see what is better. I am finding it so hard to keep the silicon curlers to even stick to the skin...