1. L

    Eyelash training

    Looking for some help and advice :) I am a fulyl qualified beauty therapist, I currently work in a salon which offers LVL and I'm looking to advance my skills into Lash extensions. I plan on providing lash treatments possibly in salon but in my spare time and weekends. I have looked into...
  2. H

    Eyelash help please !

    Hi everyone, so at the start of the year I went on a eyelash extension course (classic lashes). I haven’t been great with my practice, however I am now opening up my beauty room and want to add it to the rest of the services I do. So I just want to practise properly on live models so I can get...
  3. L

    Eyelash extensions

    Hi, Im just wondering for buisness purposes does anyone know if Express Eyelashes come under Individual Semi Permanent Lashes / Individual lash extensions?
  4. J

    Cashmere or Mink lashes

    Hey there, I’m soon going to be training in lash extensions (classic) and wondering which type of lashes are better cashmere or mink or if you know of any other better ones?? thanks ok advance ☺️
  5. C

    Lash lifting, struggling to get good results

    Hi ladies, I am newly qualified on Lash lifts and practising on friends & fam just now. I have salon services lash lifting equipment & also equipment from The Beauty Academy Course and testing to see what is better. I am finding it so hard to keep the silicon curlers to even stick to the skin...
  6. S

    Lash & brow tinting

    How do you all prep the brows or lashes for tinting? Is wiping over with oil free makeup remover, then water with Cotton pads damp, dry & proceed with tint enough? Thank you
  7. M

    Opinions on my second set of lash extensions?

    Finally built up the courage to do another set since my course! I know this isn't a full set but she only wanted a natural look..this took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Any one got any advice or tips? or anyone new to lashes who want to share their sets and get advice! xxx
  8. C

    Volume lashes and glue recommendations?

    Hi Can anyone recommend good glue for both volume and classic extensions? I’m finding my lashes are only lasting about 2 weeks and it’s needing nearly a full new set. Also who do you all use for your lashes? Premade/classics/volume trays? Thanks
  9. A

    Anyone know where to buy thicker 5d fan lashes

    Hi, I am having trouble finding 5 d fan lashes which are thick, I really need at least .20mm, would really appreciate any advice on suppliers?
  10. K

    Eyelash extensions

    Hello all I am looking for advice I have my eye enhancement qualification which included party lash extensions Would this cover individual lashes or would I need another qualification Thanks
  11. K

    Claiming LVL

    I’m really feeling disheartened today! I spent all my savings to do my training and trained with some of the best and supportive companies and now there’s a girl that’s claiming to do LVL lashes for £15 when I’m charge the recommended price (£35.50), I feel like I’m losing customers from this. I...
  12. R

    Lash extensions not lasting?

    I’ve been a lash tech for a short amount of time now, only about a month. I do a fair amount of clients and use a mixture of different glues between the KG salon glue and the sensitive sally’s glue, not quite sure of the exact name. I’m just finding that a lot of my clients lashes are not...
  13. K

    Lash sizes to buy

    I’m starting out with lash extensions again after being nervous the first time. (Personally don’t think I was prepared enough with the correct equipment which stressed me out) Anyways, I will be using lashbase products and wondering what sizes would be best to buy to start out and can build from.?
  14. C

    Why my lash lift didn’t work?

    Hi everyone! I’m new here and was hoping for some advice on my recent lash lift. So I’m pretty new to anything like lash lifts and extensions. I have super long and thick lashes but they are very straight. I decided a lash lift would be right for me because I was tired of curling my lashes and...
  15. R

    Lashes falling out same day?

    Hi there, I’m new to this but hoping maybe it will help me feel a bit better about things I recently trained to be a lash tech with KG salon, probably about three or four weeks ago and I’ve been doing clients ever since using the KG glue and have had no complaints so far Today I did a brand...
  16. C

    Best lash extensions courses, Herts, Beds & Bucks

    Hi, I am looking to train in lash extensions and I really want to make sure I am training with the best of the best and a company who don't just stop caring once you've done the course. I'm very tempted by Nouveu as I want to do the Extend, SVS and LVL courses. They are pricey but I am happy...
  17. K

    Moving away from extensions

    Hi everyone. I’m currently trained in gel extensions and gel nails. I’m not really enjoying working with hard gel I just can’t get the shape right! Does any think L&P ( acrylic) is easier to work with then hard gel? I’m also trained in eyelash extensions and wondering how long it took for...
  18. M

    Is there a limit of infills before a new set of lashes?

    I went to get my russian volume lash extensions infilled today and I was told that next time I should book a new set. The lash tech said they recommend booking a new set after 2 infills as lashes will begin to look uneven/ not like they were applied at the same time after a second infill. I...
  19. L

    Has anyone tried Superbonder from LashBase?

    Hey, I have decent retention on the lashes I do but I'm looking for ways to make them last even longer. I do use a nanomister but I am interested to know if the product called 'Superbonder' works? Thank you!
  20. menukagurung

    Lashes Courses

    I am currently looking at doing a course in Lashes. LVL Lift? Any recommendations?