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  1. sofiaalonso

    Need opinions as hairdressers!

    Hello! How are you? I'm participating in a contest focused on hairdressers and technology. We have to present an idea that improves the experience of the stylist and/or the client, and I would like to know if this idea would be useful for you or what you think about it. It's about a smart mirror...
  2. E

    Hair too vibrant

    Hello, I’m after some advice. I have a client who asked for a red/copper balyage, I used majirouge 7/64 with 30vol to get the lift on her hair without pre-lightening. She feels it’s too vibrant so is coming back this weekend for it to be toned down. I’m thinking to put a flat 7 on top but just...
  3. L

    Blonde toners

    What would you recommend for a toner to achieve this blonde? Any brands let me know
  4. J

    Loreal Majicontrast/Majirel all over application?

    Hello everyone, first time here ☺️ i have been out of the hair busines for over 10 years now unfortunately and I need some help with these dyes. I have read that the Majicontrast is not to be applied on the scalp, yet I also have read some subs that say that they have in fact applied it all over...
  5. J

    Dia Light formulating help!

    Hello! I am trying to formulate for a strawberry blonde using dia light! could someone help me with this?! I only have dia light not dia richesse! Hair is pre lightened! Picture included for what I am aiming for!
  6. J

    Burgundy/plum hair colour recommendations

    Hello everyone :) looking for advice on how to achieve this colour I’ve attached. will be putting the colour on a base 6 ends and roots are a 7. I used wella or L’Oréal, I was thinking wella 55/65 and for the roots I would mix some base 4/0 in. But let me know what you think :) Thank you
  7. S

    Blonde to brown help

    Hi all, I would like some advice please on what to use to prepig my own hair and what colour you think would get me to the dark hair pictures shown. I prefer dark ash browns and do not want a warm brown. My hair has been bleached with 30 vol in highlights and I usually use a 9.12 Dialight to...
  8. C

    Colour change - base 10 to base 7

    Hi guys, Finding myself in a bit of a pickle. I’ve been lightening my client up to a base 10 and now post lockdown she’s decided she wants to be back to roughly a base 7. She’s said she’s going to leave it to me to decide the outcome she just wants to be darker but not darker than a 6. I use...
  9. J

    L’Oréal Majirel High Lift

    Hello! Has anyone used majirel high lift tint colour beige for highlights. was going to use on a base 6. If anyone has any pictures please send them my way :) thank you!
  10. P

    Majirel Cool Cover

    My boyfriends mum has the base of a 5 but has achieved it by using box dye over box dye over box dye for about a year. She wants her hair to be 8.11 Majirel Cool Cover. Should I bleach her hair first or?? I've just finished level 2 hair I'm still kinda new
  11. C

    Blonde to dark Dia Richesse

    Hi, I’m looking for a little help... The hair to begin with is a natural root level 8/7 and a lot of natural ash, the mid length and ends are previously bleached in places (balayage).. I have been putting a level 5 Dia richesse on but the roots are fading warm and the rest of the hair is fading...
  12. G

    Has anyone used Marijel cool cover?

    Client has a natural cool base level 6.5-7, darkest ash blonde with about an inch of roots coming through and the rest of lengths a warm golden level 8 and is looking to go back to her natural colour, despite her natural ash tone she lifts very red, I’ve been recommended Marijel cool cover to...
  13. B

    Inoa Post colour shampoo

    I have a client booked in for roots she previously went to another salon that used inoa colours as she would have a reaction to other colours. I have specially bought in the colour and developer for her to gain her as a client. We are currently changing colour manufacture and will skin test her...
  14. I

    Toning help!

    My client previously had loreal majirel 6 with 6% oxidant on her roots to create an ombre effect. She added some more lightness to her hair at home with bleach, but has gone very ginger up top (about a 8.33). What could I use to neutralise the roots while keeping her balayage? Would a HL in ash...
  15. AJonesMobile

    Continuity for new clients highlights/toner/highlift

    Hi Guys bit of a long one but bear with it! haha xx Sooo.. I have a new client coming to me this weekend who is looking for a change in hairdressers, when she approached me for a full head of highlights she said she normally has bleach and a highlift tint (ash or natural) - this was what her...
  16. I

    Root touch up on balayage?

    I am newly qualified in to hairdressing and one of my friend has asked me to touch up theirs roots on the baylayage and to tone the blonde. What’s the best way to touch up the roots without ruining the balayage? Do I do normal root touch up and just comb the root colour through slightly?
  17. J

    L’Oreal blondes to cover grey

    Hi guys. I had a client today who is 100 per cent white hair and then on the crown area was salt and pepper look. She wanted highlights with a blonde not to golden and a ash darker blonde so I did loreal majeral 10 with 20vol and 8 with 8.12 20vol and a few bleach 10vol. It looked great...