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  1. S

    Hot wax and hot tub

    Hi client has booked hot wax and hot stone massage and likes to relax afterwards in his hot tub at temp 40 c should I advise not to have hot tub that night any advice welcomed I don't want any problems. Thanks Sue x
  2. S

    CBD Facial and Massage

    Morning...first post sine 2017 🤪 Do any of you offer CBD Oil massage or facial treatments? I'm interested in this for mainly my sports massage clients but wondering how to spot reputable and safe oil suppliers - and do I need extra training? I'm qualified in Beauty Therapy, Swedish Massage...
  3. C

    Fair wage for aesthetic practitioner/massage therapist?

    Happy holidays all, Banging out my business plan at present and am currently pondering the thought of employing an Aesthetic Practioner/Massage Therapist as there will be two treatment rooms. The business would be offering advanced facials as well as massage. I know what it's like to not be...
  4. G

    Massage bed problem

    Hi all. Not skin related BUT I’ve just opened my own salon and have a massage room with a massage bed...bought it all set it all up...not realising until yesterday that it’s around 10-15 cm too small for me. It comes up to my mid thigh, but really I need it to be waist height so that I am not...
  5. Hazel1981

    PPE, price increase, massage and facials

    Hi My main treatments are massage and facials. I have ordered PPE, such as a face shield, disposable gloves, disposable sponges, disposable face towels etc. Is anyone else going to wear disposable gloves for massage/facials? With all the disposable products I will need, I will need to...
  6. C

    Full body/back exfoliation with massage qualification?

    So i'm not to sure on this one, I have tried to google it but nothing is coming up. as I am all new to all of this and just would like to know if i can offer a body exfoliation massage? thank you
  7. E

    Spa interview

    Hi, I’m newly qualified and have my first interview next week as a spa therapist and don’t know what to wear. Usually I’d wear a smart outfit (I.e. skirt and smart top/blouse) but as part of the interview I will be doing a massage so I’d be more comfortable in a tunic as it gives me more...
  8. S

    Massage lower back

    I’ve recently started massage and have a routine I use loosely between clients. I’m just unsure of working on the lower back. I work on the shoulders and over the glutes however i feel I’m slightly missing the area of the back (kind of where the kidneys are) as I’m worried about hurting the...
  9. S

    Massage courses - Europe

    Hi! My wife and I have a holiday let business in northern Spain and we would like to offer massages to our guests. We both have no experience in this so we are looking for your advice to find the right course to get us started :) To practice massage in Spain and get insurance, is it mandatory...
  10. S

    Mini treatments

    Hi :) I’m thinking of offering mini treatments so mini arm massage, mini leg massage and mini face massage etc. I was thinking £5 for both arms? So roughly 5 mins on each and same for legs, do you think that’s reasonable or too cheap? Also could I go straight into the face massage? No cleansing...
  11. S

    Facials position backache

    Hello, I’m just looking for some advice please. Since doing facials, especially during the massage part of the neck & shoulders it’s killing my back! I think it’s because I must be leaning over too much, can anyone give any advice on how to stop this? I’ve tried raising my couch but nothing has...
  12. S

    Face massage routine

    I’m adjusting my face massage routine for facials ( going by my professional book which has the moves in) so many college teach to do each move 3 or 6 times. I was just wondering if doing each move 12 times is too much in massage? I’ve had good feedback so far but wondered is there a genuine...
  13. B

    Pop up massage shop?

    Hello everyone. I’m just starting out my own business in beauty and massage. I’m thinking of ways to promote myself. I thought pop up stations in work offices or even gyms could be a good idea where I could offer my massage services and taster services to promote myself and get my name out. How...
  14. ButterflyQ

    Pillow cases getting covered in oil!

    Hi guys and girls, bit of a random one so not sure I'll get much response. We get a lot of massage booked in and use pillows during the treatment to support various areas of the body, unfortunately they are getting saturated and stained with oil. No matter what colour we buy, how much couch...
  15. emalou8

    Heated water couch topper?

    It’s a strange place to post but there wasn’t really a great place to post this. I remember years ago going to a spa that had a heated blanket but it also had water in it. To give extra comfort. I have searched hi and lo for this and can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want the hydrothermal...
  16. B

    Pregnancy massage

    I’m looking to offer pregnancy massage in our salon but would like to use a pregnancy pillow rather than massaging with client on her side etc. Can anyone recommend courses that would offer something like this please? Thanks!
  17. P

    Best country to work in?

    I am currently gaining ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) qualifications in nails gel and acrylic, manicures and pedicures, beauty therapy and make-up, waxing, tanning, hairdressing and massage. I am based in Dublin, Ireland, but was wondering if, after qualifying next year, I...