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    Peel off mask

    Are peel off masks absorbed by the skin?
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    Dermaplaning courses

    Hi I’m looking for recommendations for dermaplaning courses in London & the south! Thanks in advance
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    Elemis interview

    Hi!! New here so please bare with I qualified in beauty level 2 almost 6 years ago now, now studying Make up artistry level 3 and have an interview Thursday with Elemis in my local Debenhams. I am petrified. I feel so out of my depth yet I want to position so badly. What should I research...
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    Hard skin around nails

    Hi all, When I was younger I wanted my nails to grow, so to stop biting them I decided to bite the skin around them instead. Stupid move. Anyway, due to repetitive nibbling I now have hard lumps of skin around my nail that I just want gone! :( Anyone have anything to help? Thanks guys :) x