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  1. L

    Help with Wella Koleston Perfect me + special mix?

    Just getting started in hair colouring as I'm more focused on skincare. Did some research on wella koleston as a friend offered to help me out and picked a shade she liked. For special mix, do I have to mix it with another colour creme too? I successfully bleached her hair and have ordered...
  2. J

    Wella KP 12/81 and purple hair!

    Can ANYONE HELP! I’m new to wella and used wella kp 22/81 on my natural red root base 7 and old bleached mid length and ends and wow I have purple hair! It’s actually not to bad on the ends ( after washing 3 times) but the roots haven’t even touched so there a different colour to the rest of my...
  3. G

    Wella toners

    Hey Guys! I wanted to find out what wella toners everyone loves? i always go for the standard 10/16 koleston perfect, but i wanted to see if anyone else uses any other shades. Most of my clients are young and wanting to lightest of blonde shades, therefore i use this shade as it isnt any what...
  4. Z

    Wella colour went slightly too warm, how to fix it?

    I sent some colour to my mum so she could dye her hair during "lockdown" and it went very warm, she used well half 88/0 half 99/0 with 6% she has resistant grey hair that's why I used double base.the result was about an 8/04 not the outcome we didn't want, Im not sure what to put on to take...
  5. M

    Wella Koleston and Welloxon ratios

    Hi, home dye job coming up and my hairdresser is sick with corona so I don’t want to bother her! I have Wella Koleston 6/00 and Welloxon Perfect 6% 20 vol. is it 2 parts developer to 1 part colour, equal amounts? I don’t have a measuring tube. Does weight work with kitchen scales? I have...
  6. H


    Hey can someone help me understand wella peroxide’s please.. I totally get using bleach and peroxide’s but when doing a full head colour I don’t get the difference between 1.9%, 3%, 4% (I know 6% covers grey with KP PLEASE HELPPPP :)
  7. T

    Koleston oxidising in the tube-UK

    Hi everyone, Has anybody else noticed Koleston ME+ oxidising in the tube? I've had a lot of problems. I open the tube, use some, put the cap back on. When I want to use again, say 6 weeks later, loads of the remaining product is quite literally black as it squeezes out. It's not every tube...
  8. DotRawR

    Koleston help

    The difference between 22/0 and 2/0? I went to salon services earlier, only had 2/0 :rolleyes:
  9. Shelbygirl

    Please help me tone to white

    Hi guys! Im not an experiecend hair stylist at all, Im new and just starting. Right now Im trying to do my hair. I use wella. I bleach and then I tone with koleston ( we dont have wella toners where I live, I have to do it with dye). Last time I used 10/16 with 3% developer on dry hair and I got...