“Golden Delicious”


“Golden Delicious”

Hey Everyone :)

I have a very simple yet very effective nail design which I would like to show you. It's called the “Golden Delicious.” This is a great design for spring and summer as the result of its use of shades of green and flower patterns. If you have customers who want a clever way to reflect the seasons, but you don't have a large array of techniques at your disposal, stick around. You just might learn something.

Necessary Supplies: Super Glitter Dust & Rhinestone Stickers.
Appropriate Technique: UV Gel (During Rebalance)
Skill Level: Beginner

Step 1 – Let's begin by disinfecting yours as well as your client's arms. This is an essential precautionary measure that is used to make absolutely certain that you are working with a clean, pathogen free environment. Once this is done, file off about 80% or more of the old overlay in order to restore the proper shape and texture to the nails.

Step 2 – OK, now it’s time to remove the cuticles from your clients nails. We'll use a special tool called a cuticle remover for this process. Having done this, use a high grit nail file to remove the shine from your client's nails.

Step 3 – For step three, coat the nails with a bonder. Apply carefully and allow curing for at least one minute before proceeding. At this point, coat the nails with a thin layer of gel and allow it to cure for a few seconds.

Step 4 – Pull out a fresh brush in order to apply the green glitter to the tip of the nail surface and allow it to cure for about a minute. Finally, apply a second layer of gel so that it covers the glittered surface. Again, cure for a few minutes before proceeding.

Step 5 – At this point, it is safe to refine the surface of the nails by filling off any excess gel. Afterwards, you can use foam wipes or a dust brush to clear off any remaining residue. Make sure that the nails are absolutely clean and dry before going on to step six.

Step 6 – Use a cuticle remover or orange stick to place a rhinestone sticker on the surface of each nail. For a tighter fit, use nail glue with the rhinestones. This prevents the rhinestones from breaking off or slipping.

Step 7 – OK, now it's time to make those nails really shine by topping off with a gloss or sealant. To ensure the security of this layering, cure under a heat lamp for one minute or more.

Step 8 – We're almost there! Remove any excess material from the nails using a slightly moistened cotton piece.

Step 9 – Now all you have to do is apply some cuticle oil to the cuticle area, massage, and you're done! All you needed was two solid nail art products – super glitter dust and rhinestone stickers – and you've created a master design! This will take two hours at the most to complete, but once you've mastered the technique you should be able to get it done in just one.

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These are lovely...!! Thank you for the tutorial!!! xx


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Fab tutorial with fab photos ... thanks so much for sharing!


Will keep them coming :)

I really enjoyed this tutorial thanks lovelly step by step pictures :)


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Lovely use of colours!! Can I ask if these are on natural nails or are they tips? :)


Thanks hun! Natural nails.


Lelli Loo Loo
Very nice :)

Hey thanks for the tutorial its really good! I tried these on myself last nigth and they turned out lovely (but i used red glitter).
My only problem was when I was applying the layer of gel after the glitter, the glitter seems to be sticking to my brush and i've been glittery bits scattered around my nails. I used a different brush for gels and glitters but i think there was a bit of loose glitter and it was loving with the gel...
What am I doing wrong???
Thanks x