1st aptempts at nail art


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Akzentz Geek
Apr 5, 2004
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Well Done!!!
Keep at it....the only limit to Nail Art designs is your own imagination.....so let it run wild!!!!
I love both designs they are very pretty and very delicate!
They're lovey - very delicate :D

I think less is more sometimes with nail art - it catches people's eye and they always want a closer look :biggrin:
when we started nail art we only did stripe but now we have a good buissness for nail art customers come to us many times and we try learn new all the time new idea from other nail artist .

When we started nail art we went and look in every website for member on this board there was about 200 web site you can find from member list now there will be more and there is many beautifull nail art .

The web site i tell all my friends in Thailand to go look and learn is www.christiesnails.com she have in her web site some tutorials and they teach very good and the nail art is very very good .

Nail art is good to do it is so good for relax .

mui said:
3 very good websites i have not looked two of them b4 we will look them for a long time tomorrow thank you for sharing .
you're very welcome!
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