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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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The little roller ball bottles of oil, I think they are called 3 phase oils. I thought these are great for retail items - dead funky... I think they come in lilac and pink colours..

Does anyone know where you can buy these??

I have seen them used in a nail salon, but I don't know which brand it is or where to buy it, I have searched online but nothing seems to be coming up.

Hi Stephanie

Not sure about 3 phase oil, but the closest I have seen to what you are describing are the set of cuticle care pens (with replacement cartridges at one end, and removable pusher at the other) from LCN (Beauty Concepts International) which do come in various colours (yellow, lilac, peach, blue, green). You could try giving them a call on 01273 831199 and see if thats along the line of what you'd like....

I have some 3-Phase oils in little roller bottles that I got from Alida. They come in pink for sensitive nails, green for normal/dry nails and blue (can't remember what for :? ) and I believe they were £2.95 + VAT each but it was quite a while ago and I don't have a catalogue anymore. The phone no for Alida is 01256 320111, they do have a website but I think its being reconstructed.

I still have a few bottles of pink and green left in my retail stock but since I switched to Solar Oil I stopped selling them. If you're interested and want to try them out pm me :) .

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