33 year old male seeks


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Feb 2, 2004
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Hi Guys, did that grab your attention. I have just registered to this site and cannot believe how helpful it is. I am just studying for my NVQ in nail extensions. I was wondering if there was anybody in London who has a few spare hours during the day who would be willing to let me practise on their hands and give me a few hints as to where I am going right or wrong. Look forward to hearing from you.
Welcome Davie - just a thought, if someone does offer their hands to you :eek: make sure they have been in the industry for a while - better still, seek out educators. They will be excellent at giving advice, tips and pointing you in the right direction!! Meanwhile, liked your intro....
33 year old male seeks
Hi Davie,

Welcome to the board!

Like Mrs Geek - I love your intro.

I'm in London too. I've done a few nail courses, but not my NVQ.

I'm curious - where are you studying?

Thank you for getting back to me. When I have completed my NVQ, I am going to go on a Creative conversion course. Would you recommend that this is the best course for me to go on or what would you recommend.
Hi Karen, I wanted to obtain a qualification as I believe that all nail techs will need an NVQ or equivilent before being allowed to work in the industry before long. Also as I have never got any qualifications, i thought it would be good for me to achieve something for myself.
Hi Davie,

I would say - DO IT!

Once you have had Creative training you can buy Creative products - they're the best! AND the follow up training is excellent!

Thanks for your advice karen, I will put you on my buddy list and let you know how I am getting on.

Yes, the NVQ is a must! Sounds to me like you're going down the right route!

I'm sure other will give you some useful tips too!

i`m looking for a 33 year old male for my daughter lol :lol:
shropshiredawn said:
i`m looking for a 33 year old male for my daughter lol :lol:

I would not mind a 33 year old for myself!!!!! :o
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