7.40 not bright enough


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Dec 29, 2015
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Have a client that says her colour is not bright enough , was thinking of adding some 044 to it , any ideas please ?
Yes u could do that , or use 7/44 ?
Yes u could do that , or use 7/44 ?
Tried 044 and really didnt make any difference so will try 7.44 next time , have only recently started colouring this clients hair and think she has such a build up of colour x
If she has a build up of colour on the ends they will looks duller and 'browner' than the roots 'aka' browning out - when permanent colour is pulled though the ends too much. When using a premixed colour line the 7.44 will contain brown at a level 7 plus the copper reflect and the brown base can build up.

In this case you need to remove the build up on the ends with a mild clease and when recolour the ends with a more 'pure' copper refect than the root colour. If you have a pure tone demi this would be perfect or a demi in a shade lighter/ diluted with clear or even better a true semi direct colour.
Or refresh the ends with a mixtone only.

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