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Oct 23, 2010
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Hi Laydee's

Im currently doing NVQ1 and 2 Beauty at college part time.

Im also starting up a mobile nail and tanning business.

However after trawling the internet for weeks :irked:!!! Iv noticed there are so mny other aspects of beauty that are available than the standard stuff taught at colleges!

I.e - ear candles, threading, eyelash extensions....

However..Do you really need to do every course know to man to offer a wider range of treatments.

I know education cant go under estimated but surely beauty salons dont send there staff out to learn everything and that some things are comon knowledge.

I also wanted to know how these things would affect your insurance. From their point of view if you injure someone doing something you dont have a recognised qualification in you are not covered?

Just after a bit of advice and guidance.

Sorry for waffling!! xx
If you want to offer a treatment, you have to gain a relevant qualification or you won't be insured to treat clients. No training = no insurance = no clients (hopefully).

There are loads of courses, so people tend to specialise in something they love, say, nails, or holistic treatments or beauty therapy treatments. If you love manciure and pedicure, go on and learn enhancements and become a nail specialist, even if you do other stuff too.

There is also no point in training in something you hate. If you can't stand waxing, don't bother doing an intimate waxing course, and so on.
We can't all train in everything!lol. It also depends on what job you would like to do in the future. I.e mobile, in a salon, in a spa. Definately do the courses that you would have the most interest in. I for instance wouldn't want to do ear piercing so although the course exsists and is reasonably priced I won't do it for the sake of doing it. hth
Thanks People :o) Sometimes I think customers just expect us to be able to do everything!! xx

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