A job for the podiatrist perhaps.......???


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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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I broke my toe years back, the nail fell off and since then it has grown back atrophied. It isn't painfull, but it is unsightly. I'm wondering if a nail enhancement can be done to improve its look when I wear sandals.

Any advise will be welcome, TY

Kat meow
I bet Geeg is the one to help you with that Kat, I`m sure I remember her saying she overlays her toe nails because she has a horrid big toe for some reason.
Sorry if I got that wrong Geeg
I do, as Debs says, overlay my big toenails as a regular thing .... NOT because they are horrid :( (excuse me they are quite beautiful :D :D ) but, because living here in Spain and going barefoot allot of the time, I am apt to bang into things and break the corners and I can't stand it if my toenails are not perfect, so I use the overlay to create strength.

You can certainly use any system to do a make over on your poor toe.
Apologies Geeg for calling your big toes horrid, lol.
I have never been any good at finding old posts through the search facility but vaguely remembered you overlaid your toe nails and thought it was because you had a problem with one of them.
I`m sure you have beautiful toes and I apologise again
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