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Mar 13, 2004
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ive just been on ebay (as you do on sundays when everyone is still flat out asleep) i am suprised at the amount of nail products that can be bought on there. Any tom dick or harry can get acrylic and gel for nails even creative product which can only be purchased by creative trained technicians. Its really annoying that some of us go to the time and expense to train and learn things properly and others can just buy things easily.

I know only to well what can happen if a product isnt applied properly i have the sore nails to prove it things can go so drasticlly wrong.

Anyway thats my little rant over with for this morning :biggrin:

One good thing on ebay bought some little flowers to do nail art with :D
Hi, i know what you mean, but then you know that joe public who but it then use it won't get good results with it so then hopefully they won't buy it again. I suppose you can't stop anyone selling it unfortunately.

Have to say i did get some great nail varnish from ebay to start me off when i was going mobile.
i have sold alot of my old nail stuff on ebay nailtrainer and my home learn videos but i would never sell any "nail product as i would not like to think it was sold to someone who would buy it to set up as a nail tech with no experience" i would feel somewhat responsible.
one thing that does strike me is sometimes i get the feeling that certain nail brands are being sold for double the price because these people know it will sell as only trained nail technicians can buy these products, so they know they will sell and for any price they ask. which is then about profit and not a for the passion of nails.
as i well know if you have a passion for nails we certainly dont do it for profit, i think i spend more than i make.....lol.
but you are going to find people like that everywhere its just a shame people look at the $$$$$$$$$ signs instead of the responsibility as a nail technician.
i actually feel sorry for the untrained person buying these products as they will trip themselves up if they are untrained in using them.
Hi i understand what u r all saying i have bought creative products and nails off ebay with no problems, but i agree with the prices some of them sell for. I keep my creative catalouge next to me for the price plus vat if it goes near that price i dont bother with it
As much as this whole process drives me crazy - what can we possibly do? It is through you guys that I have seen CND Exam papers for sale, answers bla bla - I think it is sad that some individuals think it's OK to do this - especailly when they know how dilidgently we work to make sure we only sell to the professional. Not sure what else to say other than, if you can think of an answer tell me!
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