A note from Dean Cristal and Olaplex


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Dec 4, 2015
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Virginia Beach, Virginia
"A note from Dean Christal and Olaplex:
Olaplex attacks!
I haven't posted on HEF for a while. I wish that I didn't need to post this. We have been investigating negative comments made recently about Olaplex from breakage to scalps burning off to formulas being switched etc... We believe that we have found a direct link to more than one knock off brand that includes several ambassadors that are being paid thousands of dollars per month to be involved. Secret small groups have been formed and they have been loaded with false statements for others to spread. We know who they are and will be taking immediate action. These comments come in organized waves. Nothing happens for weeks while we are in over 300,000 salons worldwide then 10 people make outrageous statements in one day on various Facebook groups with identical overlapping stories. It's shocking that people can be purchased. It's unfortunate that stories spread second hand without any research. I love making Olaplex. I am the luckiest person in the beauty business. Nothing has changed about Olaplex. We keep it simple. We are not trying to sell you other products that you don't need. Our only mission is to create new useful tools. Another is coming. Please don't sell yourself because you have lots of followers. You are your brand. All of you have great influence as artists and positively change lives everyday. Thanks for listening. Dean

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