a problem with ibd gel and intense seal, Please Help


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Nov 12, 2007
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Hi. I've been using IBD products for eight months and I really like them, the colors are beautiful. My BIG problem is that around the couticle area it becomes sheer almost like a big bubble. They don't lift but it looks terrible and this happens only after a couple of days/ I've trying doing the prep better, working a little farther from the couticle but it still happens. Someone suggested never to touch the nail with the brush even the intense seal (which is like nail polish) just guide it, did anyone have this problem and knows what it is that I'm doing wrong? Any suggestion welcome. Thanks in advance and just wanted to say that this site is AWSOME.
I've got the same problem with the ibd L&p but now its getting better...by filing the surround of the cuticle area because sometimes u might have it a little bit thick there and that cause lifting and cracking...and by oil them well in the first 24 hours 4 or 5 times to avoid it from dryness which cause lifting as well...and help them to set well...hoop it will help with gel as well...

good luck xxx
Thanks for your advice... I was hoping to get more, this was my first thread. I'm very happy for your answer and I will try the oil everyday!!!!!:)
Can you go through your prep and application with us?
Who did you train with hun...not much in your profile to tell us.
i havnt got a clue what your describing? do you mean its lifted?! im confused!! lol. Doesnt take much!
I ruff the nail a bit then glue the tip, then put on two coats of primer and then start the french white acrilic add the pink on top, ruff it up to make it nice and thin, then buff with oil and add decorations by choice and then put on a coat of intense seal gel and put it in the oven 3/4 minutes. I trained in Italy. Another question... when adding coloured glitter to acrilic and then ruff it up and then make it shiny do you have any problems cause I usually have to retouch it which makes the work twice as long... Thanks for the responce everyone.
so are you actually italian then hun?!

Who did you train with?


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