a vacum that attaches to your efile


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becca boo

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Aug 17, 2006
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the states
I've seen this on another forum and asked how it was as well......the one person told me "it takes some getting used to "......

I'd love to try it ...because when I file it seems all the dust collects on my glasses.....and then I cant see...:irked:
This does seem interesting, would like to know more!! Doesn't say how much though!!!! :) If it really works then it could be worth while getting one, but does look like it gets in the way a bit especially as you can't see as well were your file bit is placed on the nail if you get me, as it sort of obstructs your view.
I was wondering if you could a;ter it a bit
Prices on this page here:

Online Order

(their online order page.... use the site menu lol :lol:)
Hi Everyone,

I bought one from Luraco and its excellent!! Its quieter than I originally thought. It does need getting used to but well worth the patience! No more breathing in the fine dust, yippee!!
:confused: I got one and I'd say "save your $$$" !! It's only about 100 watts (which isn't that strong), it's expensive for what you get (JMO). The piece that fits on your efile is on the "heavy side" that get tiring on your wrist:irked: I would suggest checking out some other way, I know other techs that have just purchased small/little vacs for ALOT less $$$ and have more suction power!! JMHO

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